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The biggest wish of the contemporary cat slave is to exchange with the status of the master nail central. I am lazy at home every day, let the master go out to work to earn money, right? A few days ago we collected a topic: If you let your cat or cat-related things can be used to sell money, how would you give everyone Amway? Let’s take a look at how the shovel officers who open their brains are answering it~01 cats come to kotka- there are flaws: professional cats drink basins, high-end good-looking, convenient to add water nail central! brand new! Only three yuan! A set of seven, can be changed every day! Buy seven get one free! 02 The cat came to Yi Yi ee: The cat snoring and slow-moving, help cat farmers! The impromptu freestyle snoring recording is used when the mood of the cat is extremely pleasant. More than 60 kinds of snoring are available nail central. My own cats have been well educated since childhood, and they are all humorous and positive cat language. They often listen to sleep, improve their mood, refresh their minds, and treat a variety of chronic incurable diseases such as cat disease. As everyone knows, no cat disease is already the number one killer of modern health hazard. Early detection and early treatment nail central, so immediately after the photo is sent an e-mail, high efficiency, no need to wait, now the video is now listening to treatment! I wish you a healthy return soon.Now I also sent a small amount of original cat hair worth 998, with the recording, while listening to the snoring, the treatment effect doubled nail central! (Photographed after the note number, no random note) 03 Cat came to Teacher Lin: The cat is naturally separated from the deciduous teeth. The cat is not swallowed or lost. It can be said that it is extremely rare to say ten shovel. Nine of the cockroaches can’t be found, which is used to complete the task of “observing into the micro shovel and eunuch”. The proof of achievement can be used for circle of friends and cat friends. Understand the natural understanding, but the knife ~04 cat came : sell cat nails nail central, first-hand supply, select the freshest nail tips, the output is small and fine, each batch of time is determined by the mood of the cat, a little sly, after this The village does not have this shop, it can be used to cook soup, collect, make decorations, and smell it. Rich in calcium and vitamins, men’s gas stations, women’s beauty salons, mild and chewy. The preferred hind paws that are predetermined first are not so bad, and they are less. Edible advice: wash more times. A large amount of cat hair is given for purchase. (Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai) 05 cats came to the blue cat naughty three thousand questions: the economic downturn, the boss runs, the funds are tight, give money to sell. 06 Cat came to the melon seeds classmates: Selling self-portrait photos of their own cats, the amount is large, there are pictures and the truth. My cat will take a selfie and never brag.


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