It was determined at the meeting that the company’s pension japan property agency,

It was determined at the meeting that the company’s pension japan property agency, unemployment, and work injury insurance units would be exempted from payment in stages. Excluding provinces, small, medium and micro enterprises can be exempted from the above three fees from February to June, and large enterprises can be japan property agency reduced by half from February to April; the province can protect all types of insured enterprises from February to June. Exemption. At the same time, before the end japan property agency of June, enterprises can apply for deferred payment of housing provident funds. During this period, employees who have not been able to repay their housing provident funds japan property agency due to the epidemic situation will not be overdue. The country’s first approved drug with potential curative effect for new coronary pneumonia has begun intensive production japan property agency and is expected to be launched in the market in late February. The first batch is japan property agency expected to produce 100,000 pieces. With the continuous expansion of production capacity, the monthly production capacity may reach 10 million pieces in the future. In addition, the other two drugs mentioned by the Ministry of Science and Technology are also undergoing related trials. News Network: Professor of Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Health said on the 18th that at present.It is expected that specific information such as battery composition will be announced at the April battery investor meeting. In addition, according to rumors that “there is in-depth negotiations with the times, preparing to use cobalt-free batteries in electric vehicles in the factory.” In this regard, relevant parties said that a cooperation agreement with the times is true, lithium iron phosphate batteries produced by the times themselves It does not contain cobalt, but it is not commented on whether the cooperation will eventually land. Economic CCTV Finance: The reporter learned from the National Development and Reform Commission that a new round of refined oil price adjustment windows will open at 24:00 on the 18th. The details of this oil price adjustment are as follows: gasoline is reduced by 415 yuan per ton and diesel is reduced by 400 yuan per ton. According to the estimation of the capacity of a typical domestic automobile fuel tank 50L, a full tank of 92 # gasoline will cost 16.5 yuan less. This price adjustment is the second reduction in the domestic refined oil price adjustment window in 2020. Ministry of Commerce: The Ministry of Commerce issued a notice on responding to the new crown pneumonia epidemic and doing a good job of stabilizing foreign trade and foreign investment to promote consumption. The notice proposes to support the orderly resumption of production and production. In accordance with the local unified arrangements and stipulated conditions, coordinate the resumption review department to speed up the procedures, support the orderly resumption of production of foreign trade, foreign capital, commercial circulation and e-commerce enterprises, and steadily and orderly promote the joint construction of the “Belt and Road” major projects. Guide foreign-funded foreign-invested enterprises in the production of protective articles to expand production. Encourage foreign trade enterprises to increase imports of medical supplies and agricultural products that are in short supply at home.

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