It is precisely because of this that the Shang and Zhou dynasties can not open the territory of the territory nail central,

It is precisely because of this that the Shang and Zhou dynasties can not open the territory of the territory nail central, and gradually expand the country to Shaanxi, Henan, Shanxi, Hebei, Shandong, Anhui and many other provinces. Before the Tang Dynasty, the glutinous rice was eaten by Xiaomi nail central. The long shelf life of the 1st 1st battalion was the most important aspect of the rations. The taste was the least important of the ancient army nail central. Foods with a long shelf life are also very suitable for situations where ancient traffic is very backward. The military needs to set up replenishment warehouses on possible battlefields and marching routes. The food can be kept for a long time nail central, and then the brown rice is filled with rice, and the small bucket is changed to a big bucket nail central. Because of the difficulty in processing flour, it is not easy to carry soup cakes or noodles. It is the best way to carry dry food in military operations. When the Song Dynasty marched, it ordered the city to make dry food, hemp cakes, and give tea, wine, firewood and water money to soldiers. When Song Jun went to battle, he was carrying a glutinous cake, miscellaneous cakes, wrinkled rice, hard salt and sauce marching. It can mainly produce bacon, salted fish and various pickles nail central. Tang Jun gave 2 liters of millet a day, and the salt was half-closed. One year of grain, seven stones and two buckets. The general army will have a big meal. For example, Tang Jun’s banquet is very rich, and there must be cow wine. We can see that the main force of Tang Jun mainly comes from Shanxi, Shaanxi, Gansu and other western regions. It is difficult for ordinary soldiers and junior officers to enjoy such rich dishes. Nomadic dried meat. 1 cow has 20 pounds of meat. The main ration of the nomadic and fishing hunters from the north is dried meat. Until all the beef is stuffed into a cow’s bladder. At this time, these cow bladders became food packs. In places where you can rest, you can also cook soup with small pieces of meat, and then add a little tea and dairy foods. It is also a high-quality ration that the nomadic fishing and hunting army in the north loves. Killing the enemy and making the meat. Killing the beautiful soldiers and serving the soldiers The most cruel thing about the ancient military food is to eat people. The cattle team of the Qing dynasty transporting military food is good. The general fighting power is strong. On the contrary, we can also use the quantity and quality of the diet. The Ming army field non-staple food is made by mixing three liters of scorpion with five liters of salt and mashing it into a cake. . There are many examples of people eating in ancient wars, but here are just a few examples. It is such a strong logistics supply, Qin Jun can use hundreds of thousands of pirates to levy a north battle to unify the world. The earliest rations were actually porridge. Before the Song dynasty, the common cookware was pottery, and there were very few iron pots.


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