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Netscape’s popularity had also Family Officegreat, but because of its history and Microsoft’s browser war has been well known, we just briefly review this history, focusing on what Microsoft might win it exists.SUN almost beat Microsoft is how a step toward declineSUN Microsystems (Sun Microsystems)Former gloryFrom Stanford Pok hatched SUN’s most important high-tech companiesFamily Office (Sun Microsystems), it is also the first to enter the Chinese market and develop technical cooperation with the Chinese Family Officegovernment computer companies directly. t Mark Nili (Scott McNealy) and other Stanford graduate school out from Pok founded SUN companies. Mark Nili as the company’s CEO, until two years ago to retire. Six months later, the company is profitable. This is what I know of the fastest profitable technology companies. 1986 Four years later, SUN company listed on the Nasdaq, then the stock code is SUNW, namely SUN workstation initials, and not today’s JAVA.Earlygemony of Microsoft, to be much more relaxed than it and Apple’s competition, first, in 1995, MFamily Officeicrosoft is not the early eighties a small company, and it had already become rare in the history of high-growtFamily Officeh, high-profit companies. Money, an ambitious entrepreneur who will be able to find what they want. For example, Gates even to Zhao Gu unwilling to move those databases of expFamily Officeerts, set up research and development offices in their c in a very long time did not see the importance of the battle of the operating system, so the race SUN and Microsoft has not yet begun on the first lost the first round. This is not Mark Nili incompetent, but Mark Nili et al., “Thinking” locked in on selling hardware. Although the SUN workstation company to a million dollars per year, server to one hundred thousand US dollars, but cheaper than the DEC minicomputers and IBM mainframes up. In the late nineties due to the rise of the Internet, SUN company’s server and workstation market good, too make money. Although SUN’s SME market share continues to erode MicFamily Officerosoft / Intel thou Union, but it has also been occups of anti-friction thou theorem, we have introduced. Schmidt recognized that rely on hardware profits are declining, while profit IT services is a constant (and a slight increase with inflation). If Schmidt is a theorist, Schwartz is a practitioner, who started from the hardware manufacturer SUN company to transition IT services. Unfortunately, at that time led by Marconi in SUN company I do not see, it is difficult to see this.It turns out that although Microsoft IT history of the most formidable opponent, but not flawless. History Oracle (Oracle) on, Intuit (Turbo Tax), Adobe and Yahoo and Google have today in their field beat Microsoft. Although Microsoft is the world’s best computer science and software engineers Pok home, but very few of its products are technically ahead of the competition, it is more by commercial advantage to win. These companies see the key they compete with Microsoft, the use of tedel of open source Solaris, from selling operating system becomes to provide services. You know, a Solaris operating system, but two or three hundred dollars, but the IT field will be able to receive a one-hour service so much money. However, SUN company’s hardware business (rather than services) based business model makes it h the Java dream has not been realized. China thou Street with the words, that Java is losing money earned crying. How to make money after earned crying, SUN companies still do not know. I have met many people SUN companies, most of them complain thrakes stop the purchase. Sudden downturn in the server market, the server mar

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