scanner THE LIMITATION OF LIABILITY.<BR>THE LIABILITY OF THE PROVIDER, ITS EMPLOYEES OR LICENSE PROVIDERS SHALL BE LIMITED scannerTO THE PRICE THAT YOU HAVE PAID FOR THE LICENSE. The Provider on its own behalf, on behalf of its employees and on behalf of its license providers shall act for the purpose of refusal, exclusion or limitation of the obligations, liability and warranties as set out in Article 13, except for any other purpose or in any other matters. The Provider shall ensure technical support for the scanner most up- siness partners. The Provider shall make the Update accessible to the End User from the protected area of its websites through the Internet network. Access to the Update shall require logging in with a username and a user login password (the ※Identificatio scannern§). The Identification of the End User shall consist of a random combination of alphanumeric characters and shall be automatically generated by the Provider*s business system. The Identification shall be delivered to the End User in the form of an email message, or be delivered in another appropriate manner.<BR>The End User shall be obliged to protect the Identification against damage, loss or misuse. Upon discovery of the first misuse of the Identification of the End User, the Provider shall make the original Identification functionle scannerss and issue a new Identification for the End User (the ※Substitute Identification§). The End User shall be obliged to provide to the Provider all data to be required by the Provider scannerin investigation of the misuse of the Identification including, access to records of operation of computer systems, records of accesses to files, as well as other necessary data. In case misuse of the Substitute Identification is discovered, the Provider may issue at its own discretion a new Substitute Identification for the End User or revoke the License immediately and without any compensation for the End User.<BR>The End User agrees to install each new version or changes of the Licensed Product as soon as it has obtained them or no later tha scannern at the time to be specified by the Provider in the Software, the Documentation thereof, (c) No Support. The Provider shall not be obliged to provide any support, particularly if a reported er scannerror:(d) Training. No right to the provision of services in connection with training and practice in the use and installation of the Software shall result for the End User from this Agreement. Change of End User. The End User may transfer the License and all rights from this Agreement to another End User only with consent of the Provider and only if the new End User repre scannersents that it assumes all scannerrights and obligations pertaining to the original End User under this Agreement. Software is licensed not sold. Upon payment of the License Fee you shall become entitled to use the Software in accordance with the terms an scannerd conditions of this Agreement throughout the period for which you have acquired the right to use the Software.<BR>Unless another maturity date is specified in an invoice or other similar document issued by the Provider or its business partner, You shall be liable for the fulfillment of tax and duty charges related to the provision of the License for the Software stipulated by applicable law, except for income scanner taxes of the Provider. If you fail to pay the License Fee within the maturity date, your License for the Software shall be automatically revoked and you shall have to pay scanner all costs connected with the recovery of a receivable due, NFR and Trial Version. You may use the Software supplied as NFR or trial version exclusively for verifying and testing the Software features. You may also use the NFR Software for demonstration purposes. Data on End User and Protection of Rights. You as the End User authorize the Provider to transfer scanner.<BR>process and save the data enabling the Provider to identify you. You agree that the Provider may check by its own means whether you are using the Software in accordance with the provisions scannerof this Agreement. You agree that through communication of the Software with the computer systems of the Provider or of its business partne scannerrs data may be transferred, the purpose of which is to ensure the functionality of and authorization to use the Software and protection of the Provider*s rights. The Software, the Documentation or parts thereof, shall be subject to the measures on monitoring of imports and exports under legal regulations which may be iss

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