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ness services, transport and communications, financial services, emerging telecommunicati Learn Mandarin in Singapore ons services. The financial services sector, including banking, secuLearn Mandarin in Singaporerities (stocks, bonds, futures), insurance, asset management and other categories, it can be said is relying on the development of these four services sector, Singapore was established its Asian financial center, shipping center, trade center 009 2010 2011 2012 Lump sum 7474.1 9020.6 9744 9848.8 Exports 3911.2 4788.4 5147.4 5103.3 Imports 3562.9 4232.2 4596.6 4755.5 Difference 348.3 556.2 550.8 347 (Chart Reference Source: [7]) Currencies Singapore’s “Portraits” series of banknote “Five defense.” National defense education emphasis. Committed to building the third generation of “smart” army. Rank Singapore and other 10 officers divided into three: general officer level (Lieutenant General, Major General, Brigadier General) 3, the lieutenant-colonel 3 (colonel, lieutenant colonel, major) land, Japan, the European Free Tradev Association, Australia, USA, China, Jordan, Korea, India and Panama signed a bilateral free trade agreement. Also with New Zealand, Singapore, Chile, Brunei signed the first across three continents FTA, and wing, East Asia – Latin America Forum” transcontinental cooperation mechanisms. 2004 proposed the establishment of “Asia – Middle East Cooperation Dialogue” concept, the vate colleges: Singapore’Learn Mandarin in Singapores private colleges offer two courses: Foundation Diploma courses and degree programs. Degree courses which are co-sponsoring a s the oldest Armenian Church and St. Andrew’s Church. [1] ◎ Islam Singapore Islam 15% of the total population, Christians are about 65 million people. Malay or Pakistani desand Okto object mainly in English broadcast, sun and spring channel services are minorities. In Learn Mandarin in Singaporethe pay-TV market, the stars and the horizon to transmit programs via cable offers about 120 channels, MioTV 100 was introduced to the audience IPTV service-oriented television channel. [1] Singapore’s first radio channel was founded in 1923, currently MediaCorp Radio, Army Radio Association, Alliance Communications, Rairst five courses, and direct access to technical colleges. [1] Institute of Technical Education (2 years): obtain techniLearn Mandarin in Singaporecal diploma (ITE Certificate Course). [1] High school (three years) / junior college (two years): obtain Cambridge ‘A’ water The main campus is located in the National University of Singapore, Kent Ridge The main campus is locateby foreign universities and foreign universities. Singapore Ministry of Education in 2010 began a new certified private institutions called “Education Trust Protection Plan.” Learn Mandarin in SingaporeThe entire project will explore the following areas: financial management and healthy private educational institutions;  of the entertainment district, rest, fitness and social activities. [1] 14 tourism Editin, Chinese, mathematics and science, other courses also include music, art, civic education, society and sports. Students from third grade to start learning science. Sixth grade, students must attend elementary school-leaving exnglish, Chin”Portraits” series of banknotes Singapore (abLearn Mandarin in Singaporebreviation: SGD or SGD) is the official currency to S $ mark. Singapore can be divided into banknotes and coins. Today, there are banknotes in circulation: 10,000 yuan, 1,000 yuan, 100 yuan, 50 yuan, 10 yuan, 5 yuan, two yuan denominations, there are one yuan coin another 50 minutes (50 cents), 20 points (two angle), 10 points (10 cents), five points and a penny. [1] At present, the circulation of money (fourth edition), due to the first President Yusof bin • • Isaac for par main pattern, so called “portrait series.” Brand Due to limited land area in Singapore, many local brands neLearn Mandarin in Singaporeed the phone has a rate of 96.9 percent, household computer ownership rate of 81%, Internet rate 77.7%. There are 549 people per 100,000 of crime. [13] [7] Social Security Singapore kinds of buildings Singapore kinds ofnter, such as polytechnics and Institute of Technical Education, of which only a portion will eventually go to college. The remaining approximately 15% of the graduates are entering junior colleges and high schools, most of which will go to collehttp://beijingchinese.com.sg/

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