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September 1964, due to In Learn Chinese in Singapore donesia’s spy sow discord, Singapore and there was a serious race riots casualties. “Malaysian first” concept has gradually moved toward the center of the stage. Non-Malaysian political parties have publicly expressed opposition to “racism” creed. Was the first Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia’s worried the Chinese will dominate the political and economic environment, he believes the best way to solve two ethnic conflict is to the Chinese as the main out of Singapore’s independence in order to ensure Malay family rule. Thus, to UMNO-led ruling coalition in parliament to amend the constitution through the emergency to 126 Learn Chinese in Singaporevotes in favor, 0 votes against expulsion from Singapore to Malaysia. [1] August 9, 1965, Singapore from Malaysia, became a sovereign, democratic and independent state there. e been famous temple overseas. Four road guanyintang Singapore’s most famous, is one of the most prosperous temple incensg Travel Guide Singapore’s climate is hot, just take a trip to t Learn Chinese in Singaporehe Lion C Learn Chinese in Singaporeity rain gear and wear light cotton clothes can be. Tourists Learn Chinese in Singaporein the restaurant, hotel consumption, pay 10% service charge and 7% GST, hawker centers or snack no service charge and tip, for public health, air-conditioned restaurant prohibited smoking. Consumption tax: Singapore levy 7% GST GST, if tourists cooperation businessmen in Singapore’s shopping, and from the date of shopping within two months through Changi or Seletar Airport will trade out of Singapore, you can request the return of the con Learn Chinese in Singaporesumption tax. Land or sea is not applicable excise tax refund regulations. Taboo: people in Singapore with the index finger, with clenched fists on the open palm of the other, or a clenched fist, the thumb inserted between the index and midnd traditional worship Purdue’s Ghost Festival. Of course, say feng shui popular in Chinese culture, but al Learn Chinese in Singaporeso i Learn Chinese in Singaporen a number of architectural design that reflects Singapore’s inside. MediaCorp Singapore photographed many popular TV series, focusing describes how Chinese ancestors came across the seas in Southeast Asia, Singapore, as well as the story of a group of experienced World War II, such as “fog lock Nanyang”, “price of peace”, “way out” , as well as to various Birthplace of Chinese drama “Hakka song”, “Chaozhou family” and “Joan Park, the smell of coffee,” and so on. To tie in 2015, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of Singapore, TV laruction in order to strengthen the integration of various ethnic groups, improve the efficiency of Quanshehuiban thing. English is listed as the administrative language, become the common language of all ethnic groups and speak English is considered a fashion. English is the official language of the business world, the majority of Singaporeans, especially the younger generation are fluent English pride. Although one of the official languages of Mandarin expensive for the country, but only as a primary and secondary set a course, and not as a mother tongue, and even also in many Chinese families to communicate with each other in English. Over time, many Chinese Mandarin became a ver Learn Chinese in Singaporeitable “foreign language”, although the government since 1979 on the launch of the “Speak Mandarin Campaign “, but the effect is not ideal. In recent years, with the improvement of China’s political and economic status of Chinese educatinguages in teaching, business, publishing, business and other aspects are legitimate. English is listed as the administrative language, become the national common language, and speak English is considered a fashion. English is the official language of the buhttp://beijingchinese.com.sg/

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