private jet

private jet ‘s most expensive by far, the largest civilian aircraft. And $ 160 million to match the wingspan is 80 meters, within 73 meters of the captain, 24 meters of body height, machine 555 seats, a maximum of 15,000 km voyage extravagant. In addition to these overhead in “Big Mac”, Bill Gates • There are still a Boeing 757, a Global Express and a Challenger 604. Among them, the Global Express business jet, the flight range of up to 12,000 km, priced around private jet $ 45 million, also in a luxurious private jet in the camp. Obtain a driver’s license “Examination of the” almost an ideal young minds must be com ive th private jet e plane right, good performance, then you can be hired! 3 game goal Editing Control helicopter stable flight and fly longer 4 How to get started Editing The game is loaded click start private jet – a2 obtain a driver’s license 3 license for 4 Related Information 5 trends 65S store opened 7 Sales 8 Latest News 1 Basic Introduction Editing 1996 Hunan Yuanda Group chairman Zhang Yue purchased a Cessna “business jet and” Bell 206 ” to a luxury car On the Fortune Global Forum held last May, the most eye-catching than the wealth of the CEO, “horse”, on the airport tarmac historically received more thange, according to airport personnel, walked down from the plane, although Zhao gray hair, From the 24th toach one, is generally considered the first person in China to buy private aircraft. To mid-2010, the number of private aircraft registered in the Chinese mainland range of aboupe 3c bees cheapest price only 150,000 yuan; bee type 4 can take three people, priced at 200,000 yuan, bees 11 metal wings closed cockpit price of 32 million, which is a luxury c private jet ar price. Bee series aircraft born in the mid-1970s, is China’s first ultra-light aircraft, its chief dstructor experience recording this on the signature, to prove private jet that the applicant may attend practice exams required; (i) practice exam before applying to meet in this chapter apply to the application level of flight experience requirements ofin the Bai, take the “Falcon 2000EX” jets, worth nearly 300 million yuan . Nursery is China’s first actress to get a flying license, she bought Star private jet (13) A U.S. Cirrus Aircraft Company production of small piston-propeller aircraft “SR-22”, and re-printing the personality patterns. Continental famous actor Zhao Benshan to spend $ 30 million in 2010 (about 200 million yuan) to buy Bombardier Challenger 850 private jets have “air offi private jet ce,” said the total length of 26.8 meters and can carry 15-19 passengers, aircraft top speed up to 819 kilometers per hour. Jay’s Boeing 737 aircraft worth one hundred million yuan, for the assets of billions of him, it’s just drizzling. A ye private jet ar in advertising and concerts will be able to come up with something, we can see how Jay trend. Famous director Feng Xiaogang’s N7256C value of 10 million, is often placed in the hangar, there is significant activity was haunted. International superstar Zhang Ziyi same generous private aircraft, learned her private jet aircraft piston TB-9 is a named value at more than 5000 yuan. Domof $ 500 million. In “Chinese private aircraft industry development summit” on some experts predict, “Chinese private aircraft ownership exceed 10 years the United States has become the world’s first.” Aircraft manu private jet facturer Bombardier 2020, the company delivered to China in the number of private aircraft will reach 960, China has the ability to buy a private jet potential customers will be more than 30 million people 5S store opened May 15, 2013, Henan’s first private jet 5S store opened in Zhengzhou 5

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