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First International Seminar on Chinese Learn Chinese in Singaporelanguage teaching school in the thematic workshop is to allow students to experience the different Chinese Teachers unique teaching methods. Singapore trip, the students have the opportunity to listen to experts in Singapore Chinese education curriculum, have learning process of thinking and get inspired for future research and teaching will become a valuable asset. Singapore’s Chinese Learn Chinese in Singaporecommunity and promotion of Chinese language learning self-Council Committee will jointly launched in September this year, Chinese reading program. Singapore Minister for Manpower Gan Kim Yong said that the purpose of t Learn Chinese in Singaporehe reading program, one Chinese subjects in order to help students improve academic performance, and second, to students spread values, life principles and ethnic Chinese fine traditional culture, the third is to guide parents and children to read together to strengthen family cohesion. Singapo Learn Chinese in Singaporere, the country’s population of nearly 5 million, of which more than 74% of the population is Chinese, learning Chinese has been a con Learn Chinese in Singapore inuation of the ethnic Chinese family important cultural heritage ties. But since the founding of Singapore, bilingual education and the development of the country in order to survive taken so that the level of decline in Chinese. 009. Research institutions involved include: Singapore Institute of Clinical Sciences, KKH and the National University of Singapore Chinese Jinan University College Hospital, according to news website, December 1, from Singapore SEAMEO Regional Language Centre (referred to as “RELC”) and Chinese Jinan University jointly contributed “Jinan University Singapore Chinese International Education majors immersion program” ended successfully in Singapore. A total of 11 graduate and undergraduate students who were trained to Singapore RELC weeklong learning. The visiting scholar program consists of two parts, namely learning courses and participate in the Singapore RELC dedicated the First International Seminar on Chinese language teaching school. In the meantime, in order to allow the international Chinese language education majors to al Malay cuisine, but it is also popular favorite breakfast choice. Named for its cooking nasi lemak, rice cooked with coconut milk, and then a little pandan leaves little seasoning for rice given tangy flavor. This classic cuisine can be divided into two types, the traditional Malay add anchovies, nuts, cucumber and eggs. While the other is a Chinese practice, which the rich side dishes include fried chicken, chicken sausages, fish cakes, as well as luncheon meat and so on. Singapore government recognizes four official languages, namely English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil. The official languages, along with a variety of other languages, reflecting the nature of Singapon behalf of Singapore from a Learn Chinese in Singaporefishing port into a commercial port characteristics, but also a symbol of the South to make a living to survive for generations of hard worng Geum”, the story of ups and downs, with perfect contrast colorful national costumes and Nyonya cuisine, very sensational. [1] Religious Overview Singapore kinds temple church Singapore kinds temple church (16) Singapore to promote the spirit of mutual tolerance and tolerance between religious and ethnic groups, the implementation of the policy of freedom of religion, recognized as a multi-religious country of Singapore. According to 2010 census, among them religious Singaporeans accot jungle. Singapore accounted for 11 Learn Chinese in Singapore% of the population of Taoism. South to the Chinese immigrants brought their religious beliefs and customs, Guangdong and Fujian Overseas Chinese Qing Miao tide and help create Thian Hock Keng Temple was given the royal title emperor, seen in a hundred years ago, these two havdle fingers, are considered extremely rude action. Malay and Indian food using only the right hand grip, while the left hand is definitely not used to touch the food. Muslim taboo dogs, pigs and pig products, alcohol and gambling are also taboo, Hindus do not eat beef, but drinking milk. Voltaghttp://beijingchinese.com.sg/

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