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improve the efficiency of Quanshehuiban thing. Because the majority of Singaporean Chinese, Hong Kong tourists and Fujian, Guangdong tourists, may only be able to use Hokkien and Cantonese traveled to Singapore. From the early 1970s, the new government to promote Chinese descent who speak Mandarin, and developed several measures to promote in schools, radio stations, shops, and buses in: (a) government officials in public to be in Mandarin Chinese speech; (2) Chinese students to play a Chinese name; (3) new buildings must use Chinese in addition to English names; (4) the use of simplified Chinese. In Singapore, supermarkets, street vendors, shopping center, bus or some government institutions everywhere a picture of the placard above in English and reads: “! Speak Mandarin, is a blessing, do not lose” This is Singapore’s cultural sector means of propaganda, it marks the Singapore government’s determination to promote the Chinese. The Singapore Government has a special  Learn Chinese in Singaporespecification standard Mandarin Chinese Committee, put some vocabulary  Learn Chinese in Singaporestandardization, published in Chinese newspapers, and using Pinyin phonetic characters. Interested students to study in Singapore, of course, necessary to strengthen the knowledge of English, because Singapore’s main large, primary and secondary schools are taught in English as a first language. In recent years, along with step by step in China’s political and economic status improved, there are many private schools in Singapore and public schools opened or are preparing to teach Chinese senior and professional diploma courses, such as business management, Singapore Institute of Management and the National University of South Australia bilingual teaching MBA courses. Singapore, the Chinese-dominated country, in order to maintain their competitive advantages and features, the  Learn Chinese in Singapore importance of Chinese, while English is considered a world language is undeniable. Pineapple made peanut butter, called extremely delicious, is one of the favorite dishes locals and tourists. Hainanese Chicken Rice Learn Chinese in Singapore Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice is a chicken with fragrant rice dishes Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice is a chicken with fragrant rice dishesSeptember 2012, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and President Hu Jintao to visit China again meet. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, China will lend Singapore one pair of giant pandas for 10 years. September 5, 2012, the two giant pandas in Sichuan left for Singapore, began a 10-year international research exchange and cooperation programs. [1] 11 Traffic Editing Summary Singapore is the world’s major entrepot and contact Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania aviation center. [7] Bus Singapore’s total highway length of about 3356 km, the island has built up a highly developed transportation network, including highways 163 km, a highway 613 kilometers. In  Learn Chinese in Singaporeaddition to public transport also developed to subway, bus-based, light rail, taxis, supplemented by buses operated by the two companies, namely, SBS Transit and SMRT Group. Singapore’s public transport system to implement a uniform fare, all systems accept smart cards or change payment, cardholders can enjoy a ride fare concessions. The standard value of one-way tickets can be purchased from vending machines in general all subway stations. Subway Singapore subway and light rail route map Singapore subway and light rail route map Singapore’s subway system opened since 1987, currently has 106 subway stations, 153.2 km of standard gauge lines. Service from 5:30 am 1:00 to play ended, frequency of about 1-5 minutes once. The system is divided into five routes, Tozai Line (Green Line), north-south line (red line), North-East Line (purple line), Link (orange), Downtown Line (blue line) contact with each other in every corner, and a number of leading tourist attraction, [12] Telecom companies are: SingTel, M1, StarHub Mobile. Singapore Post is the privatization of the company, it is not only the sale of stamps and provide mail delivery services, but also provides telecommunications and financial agency business. 12 Culture Editing Language Singapore is a multi-national language, has four official languages, namely Malay, Mandarin, English and Tamil.


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