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llywood stars and entrepreneurs. According to the statistics of private aircraft firm orders in China hoping to drive private aircraft are mostly private entrepreneurs and flight enthusiasts. First you have to find a private aircraft maintenance qualification shipping enterprise or business jet company, hosting companies best use of aircraft location away from your nearest airport. “dry addiction.” The auction Thunderbird hang out R44 light helicopter, although no deal, but used on Taobao channel has been of great concern, a total of 114 appeared online orders, there are currently 32 for non-payment status. Analysis, which shows a lot of people in China are eager for private planes, huge market potential. Recently, a series of private aircraft densely news appeared in the media: Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport UFO incident, Dongguan Regal fly thief, Zhao Hao throw two hundred million dollars to buy a private jet, Texas, a school playground suddenly landed a helicopterswill be relatively cheaper, but it is not a small number. Bombardier as an “Challenger 850” charter rental costs about $ 10,000 an hour to fly a trip down a total spend fifty or sixty million. With the aircraft will also have to open the job ah! With private aircraft Fujian billionaires, more and more demand for pilots is also growing. Xu Jinjiang businessman wanted to sign up to test aReporters learned that Zhao plane leaving time is the morning of April 26, has not given specific points, but once they decide to takallenger CL604, Falcon 2000, Falcon 900, Legacy business jet EMB135, Germany Fox GLEX other models. Various shapes private jet is more expensive, such as Gulfstream G5, the market price 376 million yuan, 249 million yuan Challenger CL604 market price. And all the world to participate in the Fortune Global Forum in the enterprise, Yuanda Group is the only domestic companies to send business jet. Central air-conditioning business famous Yuanda Group acquisition of private aircraft due in 1997 has There is no car. Test a driver’s license required fee is not a problem for most people, but to test an airplane license fees has forced a lot of people terrified. A photo and automobile driver’s license points, B photos, C according to the same, the Mainland of China pilot’s license can be divided into three categories, namely airline transport driving license holders can serve as passenger aircraft commander; Second, commercial aircraft license, possession who can serve as a small passenger jet aircraft captain and co-pilot; third is private aircraft license, such license holders only not-for-profit flight. According to the training requirements of the company, many people have qualified to study and obtain a driver’s license. For private jet1996 Hunan Yuanda Group chairman Zhang Yue purchased a Cessna “business jet and” Bell 206 “helicopters each one, is generally considered the first person in China to buy private aircra Can be calculated. December 28, 2008, in Yueqing Yueqing Aviation Club held a private airplane model launches, seven famous aircraft manufacturing and sales companies from China, Hong Kong, USA, Slovenia, to more than 40 participa private jetPassed a medical clearance, but also participate in the initial training of 6 to 8 months. Northern light aircraft Institute of Deng teacher introduced the content of the training: “The training is divprivate jetided into theoretical instruction and flight training in two phases, the theory of teaching learning courses principles of flight, aircraft construction, eprivate jetngine theory, meteorology,Among them,private jetone million to 5million models especially by Wenzhou entrepreneurs prefer to occupy the signing of intent to purchase the majority of the share of the contract aircraft. The famous small aircraft manufacturing company — Cessna Aircraft Company U.S. is undoubtedly the biggest winner in this promotion, which is the average price of 300 million Cessna

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