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Refers to warehouse management and inventory items, storage systems are enterprise logistics system is indispensable subsystem. The overall objective of the system is the lowest cost of logistics services to providestorage services Singapore customer satisfaction, and storage storage services Singapore systems in which plays an important role. Warehousing activities can promote the enterprises to improve customer service levels, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Modern warehouse management from static to dynamic management of the Health Management fundamental changes on the basis of the work of warehouse management also put forward higher requirements. Principles custody 1. Custody for the channel. To make items out of storage convenient, easy to move in the warehouse, the goods are the basic conditions for the passage custody. 2. Stacked higher ground as much as possible, keep improving efficiency. Effective use of internal volume, should be stacked higher ground, in order to prevent damage, ensure safety, should be kept as far as possible the use of scaffolding and other equipment. storage services Singaporele describes the development process of warehousing, which analyzes the development status and problems of China’s current warehousing, and propose a solution. Ever since production activities, warehousing appeared, it is an important part of production activities, and with the development of production and development, through the different stages in the process of its development. With the rise of China’s manufacturin storage services Singaporeof China’s political, economic, cultural, moral harmful publications, films, photographs, music, videos, audio tapes, video tapes, laser discs, computer storage media and other items; ⒋ various potent poisons; ⒌ opium, morphine, heroiy the cost of cargo transportation contract. Air cargo carriers refers to the use of civil aircraft to implement the transportation of goods, mainly public air transport enterprises and their agents. Public air transport enterprise, is the for-profit, corporate civil aircraft transporting passengers, baggage, mail or cargo. The shipper is to require the use of civil aircraft have transported goods consignment conditions,  topography, soil bearing capacity of the foundation for the premise of high publicity drainage system, combined sewer system anatomy, highlighting the advantages of drainage.Security:1,24 hours of uninterrupted public security team, combined with a full range Hassle monitoring system, full-time person to monitor the Treasury, for vehicles registered in the past, for the past unfamiliar pedestrians for storage services Singapore questioning.2, the plant implemented card system, no card unable to move; 7 * 24 hours within the park patrol.Anti-chaos:1, management science and orderly, from the park to feed the park, from the storage to the library, one-stop tracking service.2, by a full-time person in charge of cargo every detail will be. Streamlined with a single system, so storage services Singaporeelta region benefited from intensive user logistics network coverage can often enjoy the “free shipping”, “limit up” kind of logistics services deals. U.S. Lele national distribution warehouse logistics overlay this approach will be extended from a single Yangtze River Delta region to 14 regions of the country, close to the deployment of consumer goods according to the delivery address, shortening the transportation time, so that more consumers to enjoy this kind of short-term radiation brings quick advantage. With the United States Lele “Warehouse + store” distribution is more intensive, the end of 2013, the United States Lele pioneered in the furniture industry, “limit up” service commitment of spot commodity seven days. This storage storage services Singaporeshould be wiped into the arc-shaped corner 3) Before pouring the concrete structure is completed, as appropriate, to preserve the local water pit, and timely pumping. 4) waterproof membrane layer construction of the base surface shall have clear water, especially in the arch must bring water to go. 5) adopt a waterproof membrane  voluntary participation. Meanwhile in China to attract freight forwarders, transport and logistics industry has afreight, safety, delivery speed, whether tariffs; ⒉ items as possible in meeting the safety and speed of the case, choose low freight services for buyers. ⒊ transportation of goods without beautiful packaging, focusing on safe and fast delivery of goods will be sold in the hands of the buyer. ⒋ provided by China Post EMS air parcel and courier services for the majority of Chine



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