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te, credit and other basic data unified platform for the future, Ren Zhiqiang, chairman of Huayuan Preen no substantive pchedule: the foundation of a unified registration system in 2014, in 2015 to promote the implementation of the transitional unified registration system, 2018, registration of real estform of real estate . or natural law of the land mobile, fixed objects on land, and the land is not out of the land product, due to natural or human accretion on land and can noowners of real estate acquired in good faith, are applicable exception is made ​​in good faith. Some scholars argue that the premise of real estate acquired in good faith, that real property rights registration rights record does not match with the real state, “because registration review today the world are only subject to formal examination.” 5 opposition movable personal property refers to the ability to ec Registry no right to punish people Acquisition of real estate at a bona fide third person, but also unfair. Although both deny opposition says the real estate acquired in good faith, but the reason is not the same in their respective opposition. There are two representative japan propertye publicity registration for national norm. The credibility of the principle of real estate acquired in good faith by means of the registration system to achieve the purpose of safeguarding the security of the transaction. Bona fide third reliance registration and registered in the name of transactions, even if the existence of the separation of ownership and registration of the phenomenon, bona fide third party has registered its credibility and trust for their interests. Such as real estate has nhe presen japan propertyon will expand the scope of application to real estate. Switzerland will apply to bona fide acquisition system for all registered real estate. “Swiss Civil Code,” Article 973, paragraph 1:. “In good faith and trust of the register of real estate registration, thus obtain ownership or other rights of people ar japan propertyBona fide acquisition system: the origins of the ancient Germanic law “to hand    Real Estate Gauntlets “principle. According to this principle, the shape of property possession, possession of real estate, that is presumed to be the person in possession of the property, and who has the right to personal propertive, if that person will be movawith the principles of publicity, the real property through legal recognition of the correctness of the form reflec japan propertyse of land or place and loss, destruction, and value. Our land has a useful life. 4, a limited number of: also known as supply is limited, a fixed amount of land is limited, economic supply elasticity. japan propertySocio-economic characteristics: a manifestation of social relations between people and    Real estate boom cycle japan propertyerests of bona fide third parties in order to protect the security of tflawless, you will not interfere. (2) Registration no credibility. Rights issues have been registered, the public can not be trusted to be true right situation. japan property Registration of real estate in Germany, Switzerland and other countries, the implementation of the rights registration system, the registration system features are: es: “when it comes to movable goods, possession of which is equal to the ownership certificate.” Made in good faith French law applies only to personal property, because that only applies to possession of movable property and rights under the possession of the work attribution. “German Ci japan propertyes of publicity, even if the relationship is inconsistent and rights of publicity, when the subject matter is no disposition the transferor, transferee bona fide trust can still get publicity property. Indeed publicity presumption force already has a subjective state of mind of the parties to determine the significance o http://sumitomo-rd.com.sg/

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