Learn Mandarin in Singapore

Advantages of training on a one-to-one, or two-to-one basis include: •Your trainer comes to you in your home or your office. •You choose the times and days that suit you. •You can put lessons on hold if you’re too busy. •You tell us why you want to learn, what you want to achieve, and we build a course just for you. •Trainers are native language speakers, qualified, and experienced in language training. •Family course. Learn Mandarin in Singapore using the English alphabet. Pinyin is the method of writing Chinese in the letters of the English alphabet. It is the starting point for millions of Chinese school-kids every year as they start their formal education. Our approach means that you will learn Chinese online easily using Pinyin. This allows you to focus your efforts on listening and talking in Chinese from the outset. You might be surprised at how soon you can be reading and writing Chinese. Here you’ll learn Chinese essential words and expressions that you’ll require to make proper acquaintance or to begin a discussion. This is your fundamental beginning stage for your comprehension of the Chinese language. You will learn Chinese through Pinyin, which is the means of composing Mandarin Chinese in the English alphabet. You find the opportunity to practice your recently obtained Chinese in our innovative Chinese exercises We utilize a mixture of innovative multimedia exercises to permit you to ‘internalise’ what you have recently studied. Our glossary for every section is a useful reference tool and empowers you to recap the new material and pronunciations easily. Immersion: Learn Mandarin in Singapore want our students to not only speak Mandarin during class, but use it every day, soak up the culture, and truly experience this amazing country. This applies to beginners just as much as to intermediate students. Whatever you learned, you should use and practice as soon as possible, however simple or basic. Want to join a local amateur football team? Live with a Chinese family? Sign up for a badminton class? Do a full immersion course? Let Learn Mandarin in Singapore help you to immerse yourself into Chinese culture and language from the first day you are in China. If you feel your Chinese is not good enough to organize an activity yet or simply do not know where to find the information, just talk to your LEARN MANDARIN IN SINGAPORE immersion specialist and we will do the planning for you. Should I learn Cantonese or Mandarin? The short answer is Mandarin, because people who speak Cantonese are Learn Mandarin in Singapore, but not vice versa.  Mandarin is spoken by majority of the Chinese population. It’s the official language of China, Taiwan, and one of the official languages in Singapore. Cantonese is spoken by people in Hong Kong and southern part of China. Chinese Characters- The writing system is surely one of the most fascinating scripts in the world. To write a Chinese character seems quite a challenge, but this is another reason to learn it! Despite its difficulty, learning to read and write Chinese will give you a lifetime of intellectual stimulation. The real beauty of the language is revealed in the writing. There are thousands of Chinese characters, but they are not randomly constructed. There is a system to their design, and understanding Learn Mandarin in Singapore system makes it much easier to learn new characters. Chinese Calligraphy is one type of great ancient visual art. This may give you another attractive motivation to learn Chinese. The result of this directive is that Singaporeans are encouraged, indirectly, to give up the usage of dialect in their daily life.



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