Chinese singer who gave a voice for the NBA opening ceremony eternity ring.

Is the only female singer invited to be a guest at an Asian concert, the only Chinese singer who gave a voice for the NBA opening ceremony eternity ring. She has also personally witnessed the joy of winning the Olympic bid, and these achievements have not been surpassed so far. Just because of her reputation Internationally, when the dreams of many Asian singers were unattainable, Bole’s departure caused a eternity ring strong blow to his singing career. “At that time, due to the influence of many personnel relations, sometimes it was a tacit understanding with some people, and it was impossible to get along with some eternity ring people. . My personality is also that there is no way to be very fake, so if you don’t come together, you don’t come together. “I lost my partner. Although the subsequent albums still have a topic, the output quality of the work has fallen sharply. The relationship with the company is eternity ring stalemate, and her exposure has been forced to decrease, almost hidden. A few years later She joined the culture of a great country. At this time, the changing circumstances made her always straightforward. She was confused and confused. “I don’t know why singing is. The music should not be eternity ring complicated. It is a free thing. There should be no restrictions and no interpersonal relationships. , Suddenly became very politicized. “What’s worse, she suddenly lost her voice. Under the high-frequency and eternity ring stressful work rhythm, she also had a short throat discomfort that affected her voice. Fortunately, she recovered slowly. After a cough that lasted for four and a half months After that, suddenly even normal speech could not be completed, let alone singing a moving song. “My life is to sing. If you take my voice away, I think I will not have my life.” “Huge fear wraps her, and if the sound of nature is lost, that kind of collapse is unimaginable. Fortunately, a very strong mother is always with her daughter, enlightening her emotions and taking care of her health. Encouraged to do it all over again. Exercise your vocal skills with a professional music teacher, re-training the songs that were so familiar to you, sentence by sentence, every day. Once you can’t sing, you can do it again. When her voice is found in a better state When she came back, it was like she was transformed into flames, and she was regained to make her more radiant. The masterpieces kept on, and the attendance of the concert did not lose the new generation. As a senior singer, she also actively participated in the variety show and served as a mentor to the young singers. To impart experience, she took great pressure to participate in the fourth season and won the song king.On the stage of the final competition, she was dressed in a red dress while singing, with a graceful posture and a charming appearance. A woman who looks open and bold, the emotional world can not help but pay attention. Since her debut, there have been scandals with her elder son and others.

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