In the era when economic development was just beginning japan property agency

This movie is a classic of the post-60s and post-70s. In the era when economic development was just beginning japan property agency, this crime film from Japan made the Chinese feel the shock from this country. Japanese films have always been known for their suspicious criminal investigation films. When the film was released in Japan in 1976 japan property agency, it had little response and could only recover the cost. Two years later, it was exported to China and caused a national sensation. It is said that people who are crazy for it will not get tired after watching it seven or eight times japan property agency, and they will be imitated by the boys at the time. These popular elements, which now seem strange, were very fashionable at the time. The people in the past were naïve japan property agency, so although they have a strong sense of CP in the movie japan property agency, in reality they are the relationship between seniors and newcomers. Although they have a good relationship japan property agency, they are far from being in a relationship. But it is difficult to reach the previous heights, perhaps because all the classics are difficult to copy! This year is 69 years old, and in the next few years, I will receive many “Lifetime Achievement Awards” in awards ceremony. An unbelievable expression was made, and the two hug passionately on the stage, talking and laughing together. The scene where the famous director and the film emperor embraced was too rare. In the following dinner, the box office of that year reached 250 million, which opened the “blockbuster era” of Chinese movies. Become a movie director invited by the famous leaders. Don’t envy others, you have better, but you don’t know yet. 2. No matter how much you like a man, don’t spend all your time and effort on that man. You have to reserve a space for yourself. You work hard to dress up your life and control the big and small things in life. But be sure to dress yourself. That way, your life is refined enough. 5. If no one takes care of you, accompany you to fulfill your unfulfilled wishes, send you flowers, accompany you to watch the sunrise and sunset,Hope to wake up to be a free and easy person, forget the old uneasiness, and have new happiness. 11. Some should be picked up, some should be dropped. Because, only when the end is over, the beginning will start. 12. One day, you will stand in the brightest place. No one deserves your tears. Those who deserve it will not make you cry. 15. Relying on others is the least secure thing in the world. People always have to find something to do, so that they can get busy. When they get busy, they realize that life is not easy, and then they realize that the usual sorrows are all pretentious. 16. A friend who understands your tears is better than a group of friends who only understand your smile. May ten years later I carry the old wine, you are still my old friend. 17. The world is like a hillside. As long as you are not standing at the apex, someone will always be taller than you. When you look up for a long time, you must look down at the right time. We are all ordinary people and do n’t have to be too humble.


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