French toast is wrapped in egg liquid,Taipei luxury hotel

Going to Taipei to see the rain, the dream is the only baggage. When you go to Taipei in the winter to see the rain, you may meet you. Taipei in winter was wet. On the first day, when I went outside, I was covered in drizzle. The fragrance of the old city wrapped me. In this weather, I am not in the mood to appreciate the scenery. I just want to see the various snacks and foods along the streets of Taipei and get cured. I just walked out of the hotel and saw a famous breakfast shop in Taipei. Fortunately, there is no need to wait in line when I go. The most popular in his family is French fish. French toast is wrapped in egg liquid,Taipei luxury hotel roasted on an iron plate, and served with tuna and ham, slightly cheese,Taipei luxury hotel and a mellow taste. With a cup of sesame milk tea, sweet and not greasy, sesame aroma is just right, can be said to be one of the representatives of modern food. As a former colony of Japan, Taiwan has also been affected by many Japanese foods and has not been to Japan. I chose to taste Japanese food in Taiwan in the winter, wet Taipei, a bowl of thick, warm, black and winter surface soup is the most important. When it comes to winter black noodles, Japan’s Sangzi Wudong Noodles is the most,Taipei luxury hotel and its noodles are known for their strong flavor. Taipei East District Taxi Sanhan No. 6 is one of Taipei’s rare five East Noodles stores. Its signature black winter noodles, the soup base is delicious and smooth, and the noodles are very authentic Japanese flavor. Since many idol dramas and medical skills in Taiwan have been seen, some of Taipei’s characteristics are slightly known,Taipei luxury hotel and they have been eager to spend the night market in Taiwan. When I came to Taiwan, I didn’t go to the night market and said that they came to Taiwan. There are many night markets in Taipei. This time I went to the most famous Shilin Night Market. At the beginning of the light in China, we can see a light in front of it,Taipei luxury hotel it is so noisy and loud. I will be the first choice for stock trading in the night market. Always a long time. Sprinkle the oysters and eggs on the iron plate and add the sweet and soy sauce. The taste is delicious and the taste is endless. Second, the original food in the large intestine is called “national snack” and the taste is soft and sticky. It is also salted chicken, coffin board, specialty milk tea,Taipei luxury hotel fried potato round and so on. There are so many delicacies in Taiwan, I chose to run for food one day, but in the end I still didn’t end. Due to pre-colonial reasons, the development of food is very diverse.


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