Looking at it now, it is simply double what is wrong eternity ring.

Looking at it now, it is simply double what is wrong eternity ring. I believe in their love, I want this kind of love. But after running into marriage, they discovered that they are so different people. The preferences are different. The problem of housework has been solved. Just after the recording is over. Can other contradictions on the road of life be resolved by betting? From the results of today, it seems that it is impossible eternity ring. I always think that the expectations and pressures they carry are too high. In particular, a couple who were at the peak of their careers at the time and the most enthusiastic stage of their emotions chose to marry in the period of highest public attention. The pressure and predicament to be carried are inexplicable eternity ring. Coupled with the changes in Korean politics and entertainment circles in recent years, it is conceivable that the public opinion’s public opinion environment is so easy to step on the black. is also like this. In the couple who are in the mood for acting, dealing with the relatively mature and calm example, the age is not small, and they are eager to get married. All the conditions are smooth and harmonious eternity ring. As you can imagine, the two did not have a cool buffer time. According to the Korean Civil Code, South Korea’s divorce is divided into two forms: divorce and divorce eternity ring. Couples do not privately agree to divorce, but publicly filed a lawsuit for divorce is the first in the Korean entertainment industry. In addition, Korean law does not allow the wrong party to file a divorce lawsuit in principle eternity ring. The outside world speculates that the woman is at fault. In the photo, the two sit face to face, it seems to be relatively intimate, I feel that the relationship between the two should be very good. But the problem is that she has added a heart to her own dynamics, which makes many fans very surprised and feels very embarrassed. However, this dynamic was not deleted for a long time, and she re-updated a post with no love. I must know the truth and only the two of them know. In a mixed place in the entertainment industry, there are many things that people can’t guess every day. So it is no more than too curious, always a day of truth. In fact, it has been a problem since the relationship between the two people has been exposed. For a long time, neither of them has worn a wedding ring, so many fans who pay attention to them have doubts about this relationship, if it is only because of short-term work. There is no problem if the relationship needs to be taken off the wedding ring. But at this time, every time there is no ring, it makes the problem more and more serious. In fact, many of my friends are very optimistic about this pair, but this is facing rumors of marriage.





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