Cosmetics Industry Association nail salon hong kong

Xu Jingquan, Secretary General of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Beauty and Cosmetics Industry Association nail salon hong kong, explained the national regulatory policies and countermeasures for the leaders nail salon hong kong. The atmosphere was lively nail salon hong kong. Many of the nail salons in the room are still unfinished, and the harvest is full nail salon hong kong. They have said that they will hold more and continue to participate in such public welfare sharing conferences nail salon hong kong! China’s Nail Standard Brand Brand Club 26 chain cafés from all over the country answered the confusion and appeals of the nail salon leaders on the stage and pushed the atmosphere to a climax nail salon hong kong. Chen Guang, director of the American Standards and Exposition Committee of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce, said: China’s service industry has jumped to 51.6% of the national economy, and the future of a better life needs a beautiful service industry. At present, the total number of nail salons in China exceeds 500,000, and the output value exceeds 100 billion yuan. This makes all nail salons healthy and sustainable, and makes more nails live with dignity and value. It is the mission of the nail standard committee! Promote industry standards with standards, promote industry development with standards, and the future development of nail industry will be better and better! The China Nail Salon Leaders Summit also specially praised the “advanced workers” and “excellent clubs” who actively supported and participated in the activities of the American Standards Committee in the nail industry, paying tribute to them! The Leaders Summit also presented new members of the American Standards Committee to enable more outstanding industry elites to join the organization and jointly promote the healthy development of the nail industry. “Meiye China Integrity Shop” and “Meiye China Person of the Year” are industry leaders and image stores that have been selected and voted according to industry contributions, and use the power of role models to drive the industry forward.In the early spring, it is the flowering period of the hooves. The industrial roads on both sides of the road are mostly opened with pink flowers and white flowers. The long trunk road has turned into a beautiful “flower path”. The hoof is famous in Fuzhou. The landscape trees are planted in many parks and main roads. The roads on the industrial roads are on the most scale roads. There are also many flower trees that have just been planted with metal guards. The stagflies of the Chinese and Western Zen Temples are like white sakura like snow. It seems that the air is sweet and sweet. The leaves such as the hoof flower, such as the fairy, make this flower path for many people to linger in Fuzhou. These places can be used to appreciate the hoof. Secondary selection of flowers: Hot Spring Road, Chaoyang Road, Gaoqiao Road, Guangminggang Park. Fuzhou’s hoof is a arbor, there are three kinds. The first type is the sheep’s hoof, which grows obliquely on the branches. Industrial roads, hot spring roads, Chaoyang Road and Gaoqiao Road are planted, mainly in white and white. The second type is Bauhinia, which is characterized by weeping branches.



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