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The second generation of wheelchairs fully considered the actual situation of the patients, and spent a lot of effort on functional design and safety assurance to ensure the daily use and safe travel of the patients lightest wheelchair ramp. But there are still some drawbacks, such as the structure is not light enough, so we continue to improve, It has formed the current third-generation wheelchair lightest wheelchair ramp.” Gong said lightest wheelchair ramp. It is also from the 17th graduate admission, Xi’an University of Electronic Science and Technology College of Artificial Intelligence formed a different project team, graduate students to choose different projects according to their interests, in this practical way to consolidate the knowledge, to achieve learning lightest wheelchair ramp. In the laboratory, the reporter also saw another project besides the smart wheelchair lightest wheelchair ramp. It is a smart game robot, which is still under development and is also produced by the student team lightest wheelchair ramp. It is a very proud thing to help others with the knowledge they have learned. From 2017 to now, Xi’an University of Electronic Science and Technology’s smart wheelchair has completed three generations of changes, and the project team is getting stronger and stronger, even with the addition of undergraduates. At present, in addition to the work, the team also includes four doctoral students, three master students and one senior. During the interview, the reporter saw one of the members and was in the first year of his doctoral degree. He told reporters that because you still have a lot of courses and homework to complete, you can only use the spare time to make smart wheelchairs. Xi’an University of Electronic Science and Technology smart wheelchair project team photo. Photo courtesy “When we determined that Zhang will be the wheelchair, there will be a sense of urgency in time, because the life of patients with gradual freezing is limited, we can do it today, tomorrow can do it.”Therefore, when the progress is not up to expectations, everyone is very frustrated, but there are many things on the hardware that are unpredictable. For example, if the entire circuit suddenly fails, you need to start checking again. Tell the reporter: “We spent nearly 10 hours a day in the lab, sometimes sleeping in the lab to solve a problem. I remember very clearly, once in the corridor to adjust the wheelchair until 11:40 in the evening, There is a girl of very young grade who left the lab with everyone after the completion of the commissioning. Everyone worked hard for this matter.” All the hard work is worth seeing when the patient with the gradual freezing disease is in a wheelchair. In that case, it is: “It is a very proud thing to be able to help the people who have difficulty in learning the knowledge they have learned.” Now, the team will see Zhang Wei every other week or two to help him further improve the wheelchair function. In the next step, they will develop output functions for wheelchairs to help people with gradual freezing to express their feelings. That is to say, the story of smart wheelchairs and gradual freezing is not over yet. It is hard for ordinary people to imagine that a ladder on the daily flat road of a person in a wheelchair may make them frown and even feel that if they dare to leave the house, they are worth applauding to dance in a wheelchair or even become the world’s top wheelchair dancer.


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