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Heart of beauty in everyone. The woman in the picture, living in Exxus, is a woman who loves beauty. She recently made a manicure because she felt that the manicurist service was not serious, the quality of the nail was not enough, and she refused to pay the bill. It turned out to be the picture of the left picture. The woman said that the manicurist was very perfunctory, the woman was very angry, and the manicurist theory, the manicurist nail salon  hong kong said that the manicure needs enough patience and time, and the woman has been urging the manicurist to hurry in time to lead the situation. . After removing the nail salon  hong kong nail, the woman’s nails became what we first mentioned, the nails were seriously damaged, and the woman uploaded the pictures online. However, women published information photos on the Internet, but they had a great negative impact on their beauty salons. When you go to work on weekends or at night, you can enjoy the nails while listening nail salon  hong kong to the songs. It is super comfortable, but the complicated ones can’t do it. These simple ones can be easily controlled. The following small series will share with you the nail art that the little black hand can’t miss, and the little love. And the individual rhinestones need glue, first apply a layer of ground color, use a nail lamp for one minute and then nail salon  hong kong glue the rhinestone with glue, love, of course, the nail polish can seal several layers. The last nail is simple and atmospheric, but also very textured. This pink color is white, giving people a sweet feeling. The color is decorated with bright powder to make it beautiful. The manicure that the little black hand can’t miss, the daily style is versatile and simple, you can do it yourself! Plus the pig itself is quite cute, you can choose a good choice, choose a bean paste color, and then you can create it with your favorite nail sticker. If you paint well, the pattern expression can be drawn by yourself, it will be more interesting. In fact, if you like simple styles, you can do it yourself, you can adjust your mood, and you can relax yourself. The daily style is versatile and simple, you can do it yourself! This cute style is also relatively simple, very suitable for this year’s zodiac, this nail red is not very simple, I only nail salon  hong kong need to smear the drama, is it good to see, a fresh and natural beauty, which one do you like? What about? Welcome comments! Do you like nail art? If you like, you can nail salon  hong kong follow me! Spring is a lot of little fairies who prefer small flowers. This is also very simple. You can choose such a sticker pattern. The rest is set off with light pink and slightly deep pink. It also achieves the purpose of color jump. . This maple leaf red with sequins, wavy patterns, various elements combined to make the fingertips special atmosphere, beautiful and gentle.


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