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The hotel-style art fair is not new to the audience. taipei hotel near mrt The hotel-style art fair in Taipei has been held for four consecutive sessions, but it is the first in Nanjing, and the art of “building a mass art consumer market” The fair is rare. This year’s Art Nanjing is dedicated to creating an art fair that everyone can afford. There are 5,000 on-site exhibits, ranging from top master art masterpieces worth 10 million yuan to cutting-edge artists from thousands of dollars. taipei hotel near mrt Some art prices are really close to the people, and the level of painting is not bad. Mr. Li, who is watching the exhibition, Taiwan’s high-speed rail released a press release on the 11th, saying that during the Mother’s Day holiday on May 11 and 12, a “free massage for 10 minutes” service will be provided to some passengers with mother status at some high-speed rail stations. taipei hotel near mrt This is the second commercial bank in mainland China to establish a business branch in Taiwan after the Bank of China. On May 20th, the Art Nanjing Art Fair opened at the Edinburgh Hotel in Jiangning District, Nanjing. This is another great event in the domestic art world after the “Art Beijing” in early May. In the form of hotel exhibitions, this year’s Art Nanjing put forward the slogan of “Incorporating Art into Life and Making Consumption Generate Value”, aiming to build a mass art consumer market. This series is exactly the color tone I like. Style, taipei hotel near mrt and the price can withstand, our house will be delivered next year, these paintings I intend to hang in the study, both to preserve value and enhance the taste. For example, this “Memory Snow Country” is a snow scene, but the picture looks very warm and gives a feeling of home. taipei hotel near mrt In addition, this “cat”, using traditional ink to show the feeling of folding ears, is not easy. This painting I intend to give to my future baby.” Ms. Pan said, “The total price of this painting It’s only a thousand dollars, and it’s all my heart. Japan and South Korea, the purchase of art is daily culture and daily consumption. In contrast, China used to be gift-giving and investment-oriented. The water is too big to cause art to be too far away from life. I think art, including literary creation, should be serving life. Being close to art and experiencing art, art should complement each other. taipei hotel near mrt This is a natural and rational retracement. Of course, not everyone’s purpose in purchasing art is the same as that of Mr. Li and Ms. Pan. There are also many audiences who ask the staff to inquire about the author’s details and explore the potential of the artist. Their concern is the appreciation of art.

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