Taiwan Taipei hotel體驗俯瞰台北天際的視野

The welcoming installation on the first floor of the standing Elli Hotel is the “squeaky” of the British installation artist Paul Cocksedg. Taiwan Taipei hotel The dozens of LED illuminators are in a different posture, Outside the elevator, there are new forms of ink paintings by Wu Jizhen and Cai Jiayu in video. The ethereal ethereal, Yang Yongliang’s well-known works combining landscapes and urban shadows join the dynamic timeline, adding a mysterious atmosphere The world-renowned hotel design consultancy HBA is responsible for the interior design, creating a simple modern style of the hotel, and with the concept of contemporary beauty and urban garden theme, presenting the spacious and elegant atmosphere of the hotel. The shape of the white building is the design of the operator Dong Honglin. In the densely-grayed city, Taiwan Taipei hotel it is striking that it is a style indicator located in the texture quadrant, telling the story with pure white color. The brand vision of the designer’s order, with white and black as the main axis, gold and silver as the branch line. when the forum was held with the relevant management personnel of the scenic spot, the delegation visited the scenic spot to introduce the experience of the scenic spot development and exchanged ideas on how to do well in the scenic spot. Taiwan Taipei hotel The promotion group also conducted an inspection of some rural tourism projects in Taiwan, and carefully observed and studied the experience and model of Taiwan’s rural tourism development. The interior space is responsible for Guo Zhida, who specializes in film art design. He uses a variety of single material mixes and combines the light source to create a fluid visual sense. It is like a dream in a movie. Taiwan Taipei hotel The space is not necessarily spacious, but the distribution is reasonable and user-friendly. The room is equipped with tatami mats for rest. Black slippers and bedtails are perfect for white spaces and have a great texture. The Minibar in the room is free to use, and the Evian Water and Paris Water are also replenished daily. On the first floor of the hotel is the only restaurant Le Blanc, named after the French “white”, echoing SWIIO’s entire white appearance, trying to create a relaxed and casual American Steak House style. Taiwan Taipei hotel The restaurant serves a guest meal for breakfast, while dinner time is served with steak and daily Boston lobster. At the same time, the hotel also displayed more than 600 works of art, adding art to the interpretation of space. Taiwan Taipei hotel The real reception hall is located on the 6th floor and is once visited during the tour. In the corridors and outdoor gardens that are inadvertently transferred, art can be found everywhere. with a height of 3 meters and a more spacious look.




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