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Huang Xianglong said that real estate tax can increase the cost of housing holders, so it can curb unscrupulous real estate speculators to a certain extent, curb housing investment demand, reduce housing vacancy rate, and also play a certain income redistribution function. japan property agency Moreover, the real estate tax can also enrich the local fiscal revenue, gradually cultivate the local main tax category, and improve the local tax system. In order to implement the market expectation that “residence does not speculate” and break the market expectation of “only rise and fall”, the key is to accelerate the formation of a long-term mechanism and housing system to stabilize the development of the real estate market, and the speed of legislation should be accelerated. japan property agency the bubble will burst immediately. In addition, the real estate industry occupies a large number of low-cost credit funds, which indirectly pushes up the financing costs of other companies, resulting in the financing difficulties and financing of the rest of the enterprises, which is the reason for the accelerated implementation of the property tax. japan property agency ” Huang Xianglong told reporters Say it. We must also promote the reform of the local tax system. Considering the tax property, distinguishing the tax-based liquidity characteristics, reasonably determining local tax types, appropriately delegating tax rights, gradually cultivating local main tax types, maintaining steady growth of local financial resources, and promoting regional coordinated development. Huang Xianglong further stated that the tax structure should be optimized, japan property agency based on the current and long-term perspective, taking into account the functions of tax regulation and raising fiscal revenue, gradually optimizing the tax structure, deepening the reform of value-added tax, building a more fair and concise tax system, and promoting real estate tax. Legislation and implementation, establish a personal income tax system that combines comprehensive and classified. Regarding the promulgation of the real estate tax, Liu Junhai believes that the primary difficulty that should be overcome is the formal taxation ratio and the object of taxation. japan property agency How is the property valued and how is the value determined? Is it the price of buying the property, or the price of the current high price, or the middle price? These are operational problems. In addition, how to let the government and taxpayers jointly accept the evaluation of the value of real estate by independent third parties and how to accept the conclusions of the assessment report are all insurmountable difficulties. Huang Xianglong emphasized to the “Corporate” reporter that since the real estate tax involves not only the interests of thousands of households, but also the interests of the central and local governments, japan property agency it also involves the stability of the entire society and the protection of property. If the real estate tax is enacted, the difficulties must be overcome: Second, tax the second set of houses. The first set of self-use non-operating houses is a necessity for people and should not be taxed. For those who purchase a second or more real estate, whether they are value-added or profitable through real estate speculation, they should be taxed to achieve the purpose of regulating distribution.



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