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In the beauty market, physical stores are still the mainstream, we represent the trend, as long as the lead is half a step.” Unlike some 020 entrepreneurial projects often refer to subversive traditions, Zhou Yu clearly recognizes small-faced cats and traditional beauty industry. The relationship is not inconsistent. nail central The advantages of traditional beauty salons in large-scale instruments are still irreplaceable by small-faced cats. The two sides have broad space for cooperation. The Internet ecology is changing rapidly, and O2O, which is highly anticipated by all parties, is expected to lead a new industrial ecology. Wu Ji believes that the ecology of 020 will be a hundred flowers, and now there are a number of potential enterprises in various sub-areas of O2O, such as catering, tourism, housekeeping, beauty, etc. nail central These vertical industries may have market capitalization of billions. The company of the US dollar, this is the biggest “window” in the future. In addition, COFCO Hongyun has always been striving for excellence in construction quality. For example, it is also heavily built in the garden. Three Canary sea dates next to the main entrance fountain and four multi-treasure trees and four ten-year-old camphor trees, and gardens. The various valuable tree species in the interior are expensive; in addition to the precious tree species, nail central flowering trees such as sweet-scented osmanthus, white orchid, and phoenix trees are planted, allowing the owners to enjoy the beautiful life of the triple garden! on the other hand, pushing 155O at its preferential price is really exciting, allowing customers to live in the most spacious and best house at the most real price. Another feature of the project is the spaciousness of the flats. Each home has a large balcony with a 7-8 meter opening. It can create a viewing and leisure space. You can enjoy the first-line garden and city on the balcony. Landscape, and scarce mountain and sea landscape; nail central at the same time 3.1-3.15 meters palace-level mansion standard super high-rise, not only shows the owner’s extraordinary temperament, but also has a first-class living comfort; at the same time, each household of Zhongliang Hongyun is south-facing, living room and The bedroom can enjoy the sun to the utmost extent, and the households are transparent to the north and south. At present, the scarcity of 155 square meters of pure board houses is hot and diminishing! The choice of blue and black nail polish comes from the main color of the material selected in the AntonioBeradi show this season. The pink version of Robson’s hand is an advanced work, and the V-Gap manicure with gold beads is equally fascinating. This beautiful Wang Xing is called Bella, a 60-year-old pet dog in New York. The owner spent $100,000 on the dog last year. She even wrote Bella with her two sons. nail central Into his own trust fund. There are also special people to serve it on weekdays, spending $100 a nail per week and a full body massage. Bella has her own bedroom, full of clothes, jewelry and toys that the owner has prepared for it. The owner said that calling Bella a pet dog would make her feel uncomfortable because it is like our child and is part of our family. Sina video for you to report. Zhou Yu founded the small-face cat beauty service in November 2014 to build an O2O beauty platform featuring the Korean V-face project. The platform has a large number of senior beauticians on the platform. nail central Customers can follow the WeChat public platform or download the mobile APP software. Feel free to make an appointment with a beautician to get a beauty at home, no need to do a card, and don’t have to endure all kinds of sales, and the cost is only one of the traditional beauty salons. More than 90% of the small-faced cats in Shenzhen choose to receive the services of a beautician at home. One type of customer is a young woman of about 30 years old. There are old and small at home,

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