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There is a collection of the world’s first in the Forbidden City in Taipei, which is porcelain. Chinese porcelain is regarded as the RU kiln in the Northern Song Dynasty, and there are about 70 pieces of RU kiln porcelain available all over the world, and There are some items in the Forbidden City of Taipei, which is the most widely collected museum in the world. RU Kiln is the royal official kiln at the end of the Northern Song Dynasty, book Taipei Hotel near MRT can enjoy great value concessions. After the Northern Song Dynasty, after a century of nothing, economic prosperity, the royal family’s literary and artistic interest also ascended to the highest peak of China’s history, Wu Boxiong, honorary chairman of the Chinese Nationalist Party, said that relations between Inner Mongolia and Taiwan are getting closer. He has visited Inner Mongolia, and what he has been obsessed with is the enthusiasm of the Inner Mongolians and the vastness of Inner Mongolia. He said that in the past, everyone had a stereotype of desert land in Inner Mongolia, but in fact, Inner Mongolia is a unique place with rich natural resources. It is hoped that through this activity, Taiwan and Inner Mongolia will jointly seek cooperation and win-win. rich and open things are no longer valued, and instead of the pursuit of warmth and introspection. Taipei Hotel near MRT ru kiln craftsman in order to meet the needs of the royal family, directly with agate glaze, burned out of the color of porcelain as warm as jade, introverted pole. Agate glaze sounds incredible,Taipei Hotel near MRT can be used to make glaze. Actively introduce Taiwan elements, vigorously develop facilities agriculture, bio-agriculture, agricultural products processing logistics, leisure agriculture four characteristics of the industry. This exhibition, hope to introduce the basic situation of the venture park to the people of Taiwan, but also hope to introduce more Taiwanese agricultural enterprises to the park to invest and start a business. Another good shooting point is the Taipei Hotel near MRT at Shangri-La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei . As Taiwan is on the earthquake belt, there are not many high-rise buildings in Taipei. Emperor Qianlong is a small capital, the most like a little fresh feeling, so he pen, the pen is a beautiful deities, and then in the picture of all kinds of stamping poems Taipei Hotel near MRT, leaving the traces of Qianlong to this trip, unprovoked damage to the harmony of the picture. Inner Mongolia and Taiwan have great cooperation space.” Wang Zhigang, chairman of the Taiwan Foreign Trade Development Association, said that Inner Mongolia has many natural resources and can strengthen the procurement of natural resources in Inner Mongolia. In the future, both sides can also strengthen the tourism, medical and IT industries. Cooperation. Wang Zhigang revealed that in June next year, he will go to Inner Mongolia to hold a medium-sized Taiwan famous product fair. The other is that since it is a fake goods, then can only be classified as inferior, eliminating the torture of Qianlong poems tattoo,Taipei Hotel near MRT into the storeroom, From then on unattended. It is that it really does the portrayal of the painter’s heart. This picture layout is majestic, simple, the details are extremely precise but do not show off any little tricks, a high Mountain sprang up, a waterfall waterfall down, because the mountain is too high, to the bottom of the painting into a swarm of fog. Such a mountain According to the introduction of the director of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Film and Shadow Association, the 50 works exhibited by the shadows of the two sides of the Taiwan Straits. Inner Mongolia in the light and shadow, vast, magnificent and unique, attracts guests. In reality is not, fan Kuan has been in Shaanxi for the rest of his life, he has not seen the Venezuelan Angel Fall, has not seen the United States Yosemite giant Bishan , but he can send from the heart, draw that kind of the feeling of the eternal.

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