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Expectant mothers usually make as many makeup as possible, and there is no problem in even makeup. But do not use them for a long time, In fact, as long as the correct use of cosmetics, pregnancy can also be beautiful, this, we can be verified by Angelababy, nail central Yang Mi, Kun Ling and other actresses, they not only often take pictures, make advertisements, need makeup, but after pregnancy The baby is still very healthy. The Beaver family currently has more than 2,000 manicurists nationwide, nearly 200 cosmetic stylists, and more than 6,000 daily average customer orders. The customer price is more than 150 yuan, far exceeding other competitors. Following IDG’s capital of RMB 30 million in Series A investment, the valuation of Series B financing has reached RMB 1 billion, and the C round of financing has started. nail central In the past 2014, the rapid rise of drip taxis and fast taxis completely made O2O a concept of fire. O2O has not only become the first choice for grassroots entrepreneurs, but also the direction of traditional enterprise transformation. Concern, the subversion of O2O has also become a topic that people often discuss. Now O2O has emerged a number of potential enterprises in various sub-sectors, such as catering, tourism, housekeeping, and beauty. Some areas are undecided and there are many opportunities. In 2015, the market structure of many vertical industries will be formed. Wu Ji, the founder of Shenzhen Lelai Technology, who worked at Alibaba, told reporters that although the Internet industry has made great progress in China in recent years, many offline traditional service industries still have not touched the Internet. How to use Internet tools to connect online Under the real realization of resources, “seamless docking”,nail central formally try and room and The bedroom can enjoy the sun to the utmost extent, and the households are transparent to the north and south. At present, the scarcity of 155 square meters of pure board houses is hot and diminishing! Zhou Yu founded the small-face cat beauty service in November 2014 to build an O2O beauty platform featuring the Korean V-face project. The platform has a large number of senior beauticians on the platform. Customers can follow the WeChat public platform or download the mobile APP software. Feel free to make an appointment with a beautician to get a beauty at home, no need to do a card, nail central and don’t have to endure all kinds of sales, and the cost is only one of the traditional beauty salons. In the beauty market, physical stores are still the mainstream, we represent the trend, as long as the lead is half a step.” Unlike some 020 entrepreneurial projects often refer to subversive traditions, Zhou Yu clearly recognizes small-faced cats and traditional beauty industry. The relationship is not inconsistent. The advantages of traditional beauty salons in large-scale instruments are still irreplaceable by small-faced cats. The two sides have broad space for cooperation. At present, nail central Beaver, the largest enterprise in the field of O2O in the domestic industry, is stationed in Shenzhen in October 2014. Its business scope covers nail art, beauty eyelashes, and hand and foot care. In Shenzhen, a large number of customers of Beavers are from Nanshan District, followed by Futian District. As of the beginning of February this year, Beaver’s family has nearly 300 manicurists in Shenzhen, second only to Beijing and Shanghai.” According to Zheng Lifeng, men account for about 20% of these manicurists, according to December 2014 statistics, 300 There are about 40 “man-made households” of the manicurist, and the highest monthly income is about 30,000 yuan. For the manicurist, because the Beaver family does not charge them at all, nail central the income space can be greatly improved. As long as the craftsmanship is good enough, you can get a much higher income on the platform of the Beaver home than in the nail shop. According to Zheng Lifeng, Beaver Home Shenzhen will carry out more women-related businesses in the future, such as makeup modeling.

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