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This beautiful Wang Xing is called Bella, a 60-year-old pet dog in New York. The owner spent $100,000 on the dog last year. She even wrote Bella with her two sons. Into his own trust fund. nail central jewelry and toys that the owner has prepared for it. The owner said that calling Bella a pet dog would make her feel uncomfortable because it is like our child and is part of our family. Sina video for you to report. A manicurist who can make an exclusive interview with Vogue must have extraordinary skills. Recently, Vogue visited a manicurist called Park Eun Kyung in South Korea, because the shredded glass manicure that started to heat up on the Internet recently came from her hand! Pink, nail central leopard, may be the dream of the girls. But they are all the magic of the straight man! Unless you want to go rock or nightclub’s bad girl route, it’s really hard to control. let his wife and children live a good life. Manicure, put on good-looking “clothes” for your nails! You may be a nail control, but there is nowhere to look for a good-looking pattern; you can not often nail, you have not found the style you like; you may not understand the heart of a straight man, your nails are often spit by your boyfriend husband! Today, nail central I will share some good-looking nails! Cheers Such nails, but wherever you dare to reach out, laugh naturally! Things that are too blingbling may be more suitable for the Spring Festival Evening, not everyday life. This is not only rich and powerful, this is the Middle East! Men don’t dare to approach you because you are the richest girl in the world Pure color is the easiest to operate, as long as it is not particularly badly painted, basically no problem. And such solid colors are relatively cheap, and you can change them often. This style is relatively picky and picks the manicurist’s craft! Do a good job in the meditation of flowers, nail central if you don’t do well, you will fall down the stone! Contrast is the splicing and mixing of conflicting, less similar colors to achieve a more visual conflict. You can hit the color of the right and left hands, the contrast of the transparent color, the color of the same piece of nails, and so on. Lee Hyo-lee and supermodel Irene Kim are loyal customers of Park Eun Kyung. What magic does she have? Look at the nail picture below and you will know why the broken glass manicure is so hot! The reason why the broken glass manicure is so popular, besides it is as dazzling as diamond candy, it is also very easy to get started, let’s get started! Hongyun has always been striving for excellence in construction quality. For example, it is also heavily built in the garden. Three Canary sea dates next to the main entrance fountain and four multi-treasure trees and four ten-year-old camphor trees, and gardens. The various valuable tree species in the interior are expensive; in addition to the precious tree species, flowering trees such as sweet-scented osmanthus, white orchid, and phoenix trees are planted, nail central allowing the owners to enjoy the beautiful life of the triple garden! Another feature of the project is the spaciousness of the flats. Each home has a large balcony with a 7-8 meter opening. It can create a viewing and leisure space. You can enjoy the first-line garden and city on the balcony. Landscape, and scarce mountain and sea landscape; at the same time 3.1-3.15 meters palace-level mansion standard super high-rise, not only shows the owner’s extraordinary temperament, but also has a first-class living comfort; at the same time, nail central each household of Zhongliang Hongyun is south-facing, living room and The bedroom can enjoy the sun to the utmost extent, and the households are transparent to the north and south. At present, the scarcity of 155 square meters of pure board houses is hot and diminishing!

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