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As of the beginning of February this year, Beaver’s family has nearly 300 manicurists in Shenzhen, second only to Beijing and Shanghai. nail central” According to Zheng Lifeng, men account for about 20% of these manicurists, according to December 2014 statistics,More than 90% of the small-faced cats in Shenzhen choose to receive the services of a beautician at home. One type of customer is a young woman of about 30 years old. There are old and small at home, it is not convenient to go out, and another type of customer is itself. nail central The white-collar workers who know the beauty information very much value the price/performance ratio of the small-faced cat on-site beauty project. The time of the mobile Internet era is fragmented, and the time becomes uncertain. It is difficult to predict when there is time to go to the beauty salon. Wasted a lot of time, the small-faced cat on-site service just helped them solve this problem. Pure color is the easiest to operate, as long as it is not particularly badly painted, basically no problem. And such solid colors are relatively cheap, and you can change them often. but wherever you dare to reach out, laugh naturally! Things that are too blingbling may be more suitable for the Spring Festival Evening, not everyday life. Pink, leopard, may be the dream of the girls. But they are all the magic of the straight man! Unless you want to go rock or nightclub’s bad girl route, it’s really hard to control. This kind of manicure does not pick the skin color, does not pick the match, and it looks good when it is clean. However, the wild model is definitely not a popular model, and the wild must have its own thoughts! nail central Contrast is the splicing and mixing of conflicting, less similar colors to achieve a more visual conflict. You can hit the color of the right and left hands, the contrast of the transparent color, the color of the same piece of nails, and so on. Zhou Yu founded the small-face cat beauty service in November 2014 to build an O2O beauty platform featuring the Korean V-face project. The platform has a large number of senior beauticians on the platform. Customers can follow the WeChat public platform or download the mobile APP software. Feel free to make an appointment with a beautician to get a beauty at home, no need to do a card, and don’t have to endure all kinds of sales, and the cost is only one of the traditional beauty salons. In the beauty market, physical stores are still the mainstream, we represent the trend, as long as the lead is half a step.” Unlike some 020 entrepreneurial projects often refer to subversive traditions, Zhou Yu clearly recognizes small-faced cats and traditional beauty industry. The relationship is not inconsistent. The advantages of traditional beauty salons in large-scale instruments are still irreplaceable by small-faced cats. nail central The two sides have broad space for cooperation. Small face cats on-site beauty service is not to subvert the beauty industry, but to improve the industry’s shortcomings through our existence, through the small face cat 020 platform to enhance the degree of informatization of the beauty industry.” nail central Zhou Yu told reporters, hope to At the end of 2015, 40% of the nation’s traditional beauty salons were added to the platform to help the traditional beauty salons solve the fatal problems of geographical coverage, pre-collection, and uniform management of beauticians. In the relatively difficult situation of developing new beauty customers, nail central the small-face cat model can also allow traditional beauty salons to develop new guests through new beauty projects such as V-face, and new customers can be drained back to the store. It is reported that the small-faced cat has reached a cooperation with more than 4,000 well-known chain brands in a certain domestic franchise store, and has discussed and cooperated with the large institutions of the family.

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