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All in all, the idea is to be fair. The creative people have spent many years to earn their stripes. japan property agency Just as you will not expect your top sales managers to draw the same salary as the junior secretaries, why then would you expect to pay your agency less than the best? Different professions and various fields have its own language, terms and rules. japan property agency Most often, people who are trying to enter the business of real estate may get intimidated and probably, you may be one of those people who have wanted to get into this kind of field. It is quite normal to feel a little awkward at first. Who wouldn t be? japan property agency During your first few days, you may easily get intimidated, and even feel like you are in a different dimension. The jargon that is being used in real estate are fairly overwhelming. In real estate, there are brokers, agents, house buyers and house sellers. Basically, a seller or a buyer will have to contact someone to make sure that the whole buying and selling process will run smoothly and that person is called a real estate agent. An agent arranges the meeting. japan property agency He/she is the one responsible for negotiating the price, as well as giving either the seller or buyer good deals. A broker on the other hand, is a person contacted by an investor. In general, either an investor or someone who wants to buy a house for personal use contacts an agent or a broker. japan property agency A house inspector is normally hired by the home buyer to check the possible risks that the property has. The inspector will have to check the materials used, the construction of the house, electrical outlets, plumbing and such. japan property agency With the Office of Fair Trading telling us that outdated rules on the selling and buying of property in the UK are holding back online alternatives to high street estate agents, the consumer has to pay attention, especially when you consider that the same recent study found that estate agency fees could be costing consumers up to ?570 million a year! Funnily enough, although we all complain about the lack of service and the high fees charged, the Office of Fair Trading reports that “most consumers say they are happy with the service they receive from estate agents” in the United Kingdom although 27 say they have considered using ‘alternative’ methods of selling. Online Property expert, Sarah Beeny of, told us that she thought the OFT’s report highlighted some interesting points some of which need to be addressed further, and it will be interesting to see what impact the findings have over the next few years. Reducing costs, improving online presence and exploring new ideas seems to be generally supported but above all, keeping the customer at the front of all future plans which is great for all homeowners/tenants out there. The aforementioned paperwork can’t be avoided and having it on file is a requirement of OFSTED for all fostering agencies, which, like Local Authority fostering teams are rigorously inspected. However once this process is completed, the fostering agency is there to help you. Each foster carer has a supervising social worker with a relatively protected caseload so which means they have more time than many busy social workers to support the carer in delivering a good service both to you and the children in placement. To make the most of the placement it is vital that the supervising social worker is your first port of call. She or he can negotiate finer details and requests from you with the foster carer so that your wishes can be fulfilled. Most social workers who have used independent fostering agencies have found the quality of work to be as good if not better than that of their Local Authority counterparts. This is largely because of the lower caseloads held by the agency social worker, which enables them to provide excellent support to the foster carer. In addition, the extra services that can be offered by the agency can often really make the difference.


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