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The Chinese film industry is about to collaborate with Hollywood in making the most expensive film in Chinese history chinese lesson Singapore. The tentative name of the project is Flying Tiger Heroes and is expected to have a budget of over US $100 million. The film is based on the events following the Pearl Harbor disaster when Chinese and American air men teamed up to face the Japanese Air Force in combat over the skies of China and Burma. Known around the world today as the legendary Flying Tigers, they were identifiable by their striking black shark like aircrafts roaring low on the horizons. The Flying Tigers were composed of the American Volunteer Group of the Chinese Air Force. Under General Claire Lee Chenault a retired U.S. Army Air Corps chinese lesson Singapore, this band of 300 volunteering air men created a combat record that no other aerial squadron in history has ever come anywhere close to. Deemed as national heroes in present day China, one of the astonishing episodes of the Flying Tiger history is how Chenault created a group of inexperienced fighters from the American army, navy and air force into seasoned airmen that fought incredible air battles over China and the jungles of Myanmar. Created under the secret order of President Franklin Roosevelt to help China defend her cities from relentless Japanese bombing, the Fei Hu secretly trained in the jungles of Southeast Asia chinese lesson Singapore, getting ready to face the Japanese Air Force over the skies of China and Rangoon. Roosevelt’s secret order and the status of the Flying Tiger pilots as volunteers was necessitated by the fact that the group was formed before the US had officially entered WWII and declared war on Japan. Not surprisingly, knowledge of the Flying Tigers’ exploits in China abroad was minimal until the US officially entered the war. Directed by Hong Kong based director John Woo of Mission Impossible 2 fame the film is expected to capture stunning scenes of aerial battle ever seen in Chinese cinema. This would be a tribute to the daring exploits and innovative war strategies of the Fei Hu which had achieved prominent victories for the Allied Forces in the wake of the World War II. Woo could also draw his materials from the classic 1942 John Wayne starrer Flying Tigers. The ninety-minute film with extensive interviews and film footage shot by the members of the Flying Tigers tells the story of the air men and other volunteer staff on mission ranging from nurses, doctors or even clerks who arrived in disguise from the US West Coast before training in the dense forests of Southeast Asia. In 1991 chinese lesson Singapore, the Flying Tigers had a reunion in Kunming to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their exploits. In addition to the pilots, the local Chinese translators and assistants that worked with them also attended this meeting. As most of the pilots didn’t learn Chinese while based in Kunming chinese lesson Singapore, these translators played a key role in fostering better communication between the American pilots and their counterparts in the Chinese air force. This cooperation between these two groups was the key to the vast amount of success the Flying Tigers achieved.Speaking in a signing ceremony of the film Woo said that the movie would emphasize the spirit of Yunnan province, a training site of the Flying Tigers as well as Chinese heroes from World War II. The joint collaboration film would also highlight the US-China friendship that was at the birth of the Flying Tigers. Secondly, early evidence of strong carryover sales of U.S. cotton destined for China suggests total Chinese imports may climb to a near-record level next year. As the largest supplier of Chinese cotton imports, the U.S. typically accounts for about 40% of total volume. As of last week chinese lesson Singapore, cumulative sales of unshipped U.S. cotton to China for the current and next marketing year stand at 1.27 million bales, the second-highest level for that week on record. From year to year, this volume is strongly .

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