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The astrologers of ancient China divided their sky into 31 sections or regions chinese writing class. The three subdivisions, which make up the north celestial pole are called the Three Enclosures. The many stars in these regions can be viewed at all times through the year. Each of the Three Enclosures has a name and rules a particular area of the night sky. Following is the Supreme Palace Enclosure, chinese writing class which lies to the east and the north of Purple Forbidden Enclosure. The ancient Chinese astrologers worked with small to no contact with those of the Greek world. This relative isolation means the constellations we know in the western world are unheard of in Chinese astrology. They have a system totally their own. The first Enclosure is referred to as Purple Forbidden Enclosure. This section rules the northernmost area of the sky. In ancient China, this was the middle of the sky. Each of the Twenty Eight Mansions are described in both Traditional Chinese and PinYin. While the meaning of the names can be translated into English, the actual names are not. China has made it a national priority to have English taught in its thousands of public schools, and has allowed the free enterprise of private English language schools. The problem with learning foreign languages worldwide is that the native teachers typically have poor verbal skills and lack of context in the language being taught. The solution is to hire native English speakers from the United States, Great Britain, chinese writing class Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. With the Olympics taking place in Beijing this summer, all eyes are looking to China and noticing that the Chinese are learning to speak English in record numbers. With a population of more than 1.3 billion people and a 10 % annual growth rate of over the past 10 years, China is quickly becoming home to the largest middle class in the world,a group of people who are hungry for the ticket to success: the ability to speak English. With such a large market demand, most schools in China pay approximately double the salary of native Chinese teachers and often provide free airfare and housing to attract the tens of thousands of teachers needed each year. Besides China, English teachers are also needed to teach throughout Asia, Europe and Latin America. While many of us cannot make it to Beijing to participate in or observe the Olympics, the Chinese are inviting us to teach English abroad for a year and participate in an international cultural exchange that is the opportunity of a lifetime. Leading the industry worldwide training close to 1,000 new teachers every year, chinese writing class The TEFL Institute of Chicago offers TEFL certification in Shanghai China and 25 other international TEFL locations, as well as online TEFL training for those working full time. Chinese symbols can also be a stylish addition to your Asian themed invitations and party decor. Consider hiring a calligrapher to put some appropriate symbols on your invitations for additional luck and happiness chinese writing class. These symbols would also make an attractive addition to elements of your décor – cocktail napkins, birthday signs, etc. Make sure to seek out someone who knows their symbols, you don’t want to have symbols that are inappropriate or offensive on your birthday invitations or décor. There are many great literal and figurative traditions and décor elements that can add panache to your celebration. Consider an invitation that resembles a Chinese fortune cookie to spread good fortune to your guests. Another great look for your party is Chinese lanterns. While these can act as an attractive accent piece at your party, chinese writing class they can also make an attractive accent on your birthday invitation. For a fun and unusual accent, consider an invitation that is in the style of a Chinese ‘take out’ container. This would also hint at your delicious Chinese menu and Chinese inspired décor. While these are not necessarily actual Chinese symbols, it is still a well recognized and fun.

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