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Light trading in Asian markets indicates that dog walker hong kong Asian traders are waiting to see how the United States and European bailout plans will affect Wall Street. Over the weekend European central banks suggested they would follow the UK’s lead by buying stakes in struggling banks and underwriting interbank loans. The US bailout plan is slowly taking effect and it is hoped that recapitalizing banks will unfreeze c dog walker hong kong redit markets.The second quarter continued to record upbeat performance in most of Asia’s industrial property markets, buttressed by sustained growth in the manufacturing sector and robust demand in logistics facilities. Industrial land prices in China dog walker hong kong  appreciated further following the establishment of a system of minimum industrial land prices and the implementation of mandatory use of market mechanisms in the primary sales of industrial land. Despite weaker market conditions, logistics assets continued to attract interest from both overseas and domestic private funds, and market sentiment suggests that the perceived risk premium for the sector is diminishing on the back of its growing acceptance as an investment class. It is noteworthy that, with only 5 months after the listing of The Link, dog walker hong kong Hong Kong has caught up at a remarkable pace and become the third largest real estate investment trust market in Asia, surpassing the early movers such as South Korea, Thailand and Malaysia.The failure of Lehman Brothers has been felt globally and Asia is no exception. Many small businesses invested in “mini bonds,” complicated structured financial products, which were marketed by Lehman Brothers throughout the world. In Hong Kong many banks sold the mini bonds as a low risk alternative to fixed income investments. Although the rally in Asian markets is cautious, it would appear that markets are starting to respond to actions taken by governments. On Friday the International Monetary Fund met in Washington and leaders of the Eurozone met over the weekend and announced strategies to stabilize markets. In Forex markets the US dollar is holding steady and the Euro made slight gains. The US dollar has been trading steady despite the economic crisis in the US much to the amazement of many currency traders. dog walker hong kong With global stimulus plans beginning to take effect Forex markets should provide some interesting opportunities over the next few months. While the Forex market can sometimes be volatile, compared to stock markets it is looking better every day.With the mid September collapse of Lehman Brothers the mini bonds lost most of their value and companies that invested in them now find themselves unable to cover the difference.The combined effect of the newly opened Hong Kong-Shenzhen Western Corridor and booming trading activity in Hong Kong has ensured that demand for local industrial properties persisted and property values continued to rise in the second quarter. However, limited stock and multiple ownership of local industrial properties made large-scale acquisitions difficult and smaller industrial buildings made up most of the quarter’s en bloc transactions. In Vietnam, the value of Ho Chi Minh City’s industrial output increased by 12.6 per cent quarter on quarter in the first half of 2007, dog walker hong kong but at a rate slightly lower than the 13 percent growth rate during the same period last year. Lawsuits regarding leather and footwear exports to Europe and garment and textile exports to the United States have led to the loss of some major contracts, one cause of the drop in the growth rate. In Mainland China, the second quarter saw full implementation of the policies requiring industrial land to be sold through public bidding, auction and listing. Industrial property rents and prices in cities under survey generally continued to increase or remained stable. Activity in the semiconductor, manufacturing and electronics sectors continued to dominate activity in the Philippines’ industrial property markets. Amid a shortage of traditional office space, the majority of ICT/ITeS companies have relocated to business and industrial parks to take advantage of the flexibility and incentives they offer. There has also been strong demand for industrial properties from shipbuilding, logistics and utilities companies, due to the present upbeat demand conditions.

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