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If you are the one who like to Taiwan Taipei hotel travel but do not like much of the hustle-bustle of a city. Don worry even if you are in a busy city like Taipei. Besides various places to visit and luxurious Taipei hotels to have a comfortable stay, the city also offers several parks and gardens where you can find peace and joy. In this piece I introduce some places which are a good company for a tired mind. YANGMINGSHAN NATIONAL PARK Located between Taipei city and county, Yangmingshan National Park is the smallest in Taiwan. You find about 151 species of beautiful butterflies at the Butterfly Corridor of this national park. Since the Butterfly Taiwan Taipei hotelCorridor is around two miles long, it takes about two hours to walk. Then there is the Erhtsuping area where you find the Bird Watching Trail. While coming to this forest area, visitors can see many species of birds like Taiwan blue magpie and Muller’s barbet. Found in numerous numbers, these are perhaps the most famous birds of Taiwan. Another attraction at Yangmingshan National Park is the hot springs found there which give great relief to the tired body and soul. Surrounded by Mt. Chihsing 1,120 meters, this park also has a rich plant life. Taiwan Taipei hotelVisit it during the flower season and you see the garden adorned with beautiful cherry blossoms. Located in Yangmingshan National Park itself, TATUN NATURAL PARK is surrounded by mountains on four sides. Since the mountains give a sheltered feeling, this park area is used as a place for leisure mainly by schools. WATER PARKS IN TAIPEITo have Taiwan Taipei hotelfun at water parks is a joy in itself as you get to enjoy different kinds of rides and slides. One such park is Formosa Fun Coast which is located in Taipei county area. Besides other interesting slides, Formosa Fun Coast is known for the longest waterslide in Southeast Asia. TAIPEI WATER PARK is another place where the visitors seek solace from the hustle bustle of city life. More than being a park, this place is a facility offered by Taipei Water Department to promote education on water resources. The Aqua-Friendly Experience and Education Area that opened in 2007 have Pirate Ship Fuzzy Water Glide, Friction Experiencing Channel and Spiral Centrifuge Experiencing Channel. Have fun enjoying water game facilities there, including a swimming pool, SPA pond and other leisure equipments.THEME PARKS AROUND TAIPEITaiwan is known to have some of the best theme parks in the world, and Taipei being the capital Taiwan Taipei hotelhas a few of them. Nestled in a tight, lush valley, Taipei Zoo has all the leisurely charm of a large park where you get the enjoyment of wandering through trees and see a variety of animals and birds. What adds more to this park is that animals here are not confined in a cage!Then Taiwan Taipei hotelsituated in Hsinchu County, LEOFOO VILLAGE THEME PARK is the one of the largest theme parks in Taiwan that has adventurous rides as well as the usual theme park atmosphere. If you really wish to experience more such places where you can freely unwind yourself, then talk to the locals and you will know a list pf places to have fun of a lifetime. And not only this, at Taipei you will also get a very refreshing experience on how people really should be all over the world. Wedding is something which normally takes place only one time in the whole life. Why you should not make it a memorable event which can be remembered for the whole life? If you are thinking that it will cost you huge then you are wrong to some extent. It is an undeniable fact that you may require to free your pocket a little bit when it comes to fireworks, stage shows, etc. It is not similar with a wedding hotel, if you know the way to make the right choice. http://www.sherwood.com.tw/en-us/dinings/yi-yuan.htm

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