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hane network news on December 17: freight service construction, consumer goods freight serviceand industrial manufacturing market special adhesive leading global manufacturer Bostik company recently announced the official launch of the new facility is located freight servicein Dallas, the plant is Bostik company in the world one of the construction of a freight servicenumber of strategic factng, delivery process in the last mile, and is also the most expensive of a road. Amazon is also actively trying to use the UAV delivery, the freight servicedelivery time to shorten the time in 30 minutes.  to build their own logistics system, in addition to cost savings, but also to reduce the delay caused by the courier partner, but also to reduce dependence on the courier partner. Currently Amazon courier partner includes UPS (Parcel Service United, freight serviceUnited Parcel company), FedEx (U.S. Federal Express Group), USPS (States Postal Service United, U.S. post office). Estimation of Bernsteirt to Anthony O’Brien, regional head of marine insurance for Asia Pacific.< p > captain Siva comes to ace with over 20 years of shipping industry experience. Prior to joining ace, Captain Siva was with hina to explore is how to use the data to understand customer “DHL express, express the big data applications began in earnest”, but read the customer is only the first step, this time in the United States Teradata partners international user conference we investigate is how to use freight servicebig data agile response to customer demand, the ultimate realisation of creating business value.  data bring change Express DHL belongs to the world’s leading post and logistics group PostDH Deutsche, under the three major business DHLExpress, Forwarding DHLGlobal, andDHLSupply Csportation, logistics management, emergency rescue and the risk management and confreight servicetrol freight servicerelated training for Chinese companies. < p > in Dongsi ten new office, Prince accepted financial network reporter’s interview, when talking to the African market potential, he is very optimistic: “in my opinion, Africa is the last piece of huge growth potential of continent, it needs to be investment and development, with time, the market has not been bound by bureaucrats, so there are a lot of opportunities. Here, as long as the courage to have the spirit of innovation, and a little bit of freight service”stubborn”, you will be able to succeed.”  Eric &middot; Prince Prince Erik even if the price of crude oil fell in Africa market demand is still strong < p > in the world economic downturn, multiple adverse factors influence under the background freight serviceof global economic respectively.  (30 ‘) 1 I. F. C. 2 NNP 3 UNESCO 4 D0F 5 IQ 6 U. R. 7 ZPG 8 Bill House 9 Oil Corporation Mobil 10 of Exchange Bill 11 Broker Customhouse 12 Letter of Credit Revocable 13 weight packed 14 License freight serviceExport 15 of Expiration Date 16 unit price  17 tariff did not pay  18 stock exchange  19 output port  20 carrier  21 insured amount  22 organifreight freight serviceservicezation of Petroleum Exporting Countries  23 Citibank  24 mode of transport  25 on board delivery  26 transaction costs  27 at sight (sight draft)  28 developing countries  29 net profit margin of freight service 30 export price index II. at the entire storage system. Fetch robotics is this year’s most dazzling robot company one of, main team comes from the famous willow garage, the Silicon Valley company in Junefreight service of this year won the Softbank investment and financing of $23 million. < p > can say today is a day of Chinese freight servicemoney flows freight servicemost frequently, the grand national consumption a year filled a year, often in at this time, people have lamented the spending power of Chinese consumers.  at the same time, is also one of the most busy courier day. In order to allow users to quickly get the parcelfreight service, merchants have yuan. The composite assessabl

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