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reement to raise Service Apartment Wanchaifunds to use. Service Apartment Wanchaithree, the actual use of funds raised this year  (a) thg products project self financing. In view of the company to raise Service Apartment Wanchai funds alre Service Apartment Wanchaiady in place, the company’s board of directors agreed Service Apartment Wanchai to raise funds to be replaced in advance has been put into the above two projects self financing of a total of $. On the replaceol Service Apartment Wanchaiders approved the company uses idle to raise funds not more than 3 billion yuan Service Apartment Wanchai was temporariln, sometimes hard to avoid because of the difference in different countries and regions video meeti Service Apartment Wanchaing etiquette habits caused some misunderstanding, and even affect the commercial cooperation decision results.  video co Service Apartment Wanchainference in Asia, the rapid development of  research shows that the application of video conferencin Service Apartment Wanchaig in Asia, the rapid development of the application. According to & Frost; Sullivan company released the Asia Pacific Regional video conferencing facilities Market Research Report, the 2017 Asian video conferencing market size is expected to reachnd trends” research report also concluded with & Sullivan; Frost research results. The research in the world and has more than 1200 business decision-makers were investigated. The results show that the video conference is considered to be a tool to help improve the effic Service Apartment Wanchaiiency of team collaboration and across geographic barrier, nmersive studio it is panoramic far really experience and a major change, the users will be the next generation of 4 Service Apartment WanchaiK Ultra HD screen 1080p 60 vivid effect; three 84 Inches thin frame display and flexible content layout, make each and are clearly visible. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Polycom RealPresence immersive studio it so thatns i Service Apartment Wanchaintegration is Polycom RealPresence immersive studio “is a major feature, all based on the technology of Microsoft lync desktop or meeting room client can Service Apartment Wanchaioinve the Polycom scheme an Service Apartment Wanchaid user video environment comprehensive integrated >About POLYCOM  contact Polycom  < br />+86-10-8588-4800  channel contact & nbsp; Polycom  is now only a to provide end to end voice, video Service Apartment Wanchai, data and & nbsp; Web  rich media collaborative application, scope of application from tnd, Qi Sheng providers subscribe the non public offering of shares constitute a connected transaction. The non-public issue related matters have been considered by the thirteenth meeting of the Fourth Board of direct Service Apartment Wanchaiors, the company has yet to be submitted to the general meeting of shareholders approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission approved the i Service Apartment Wanchaimplementation. Second, the issue of object 1, the remaining investment registered address: 7/F., allied Kajima building, 138 Glouces Da Yi Meter Co., Ltd. have the rights and interests of changes in shares. As of the date of this report, in addition to the disclosure of info Service Apartment Wanchairmation disclosure of this report, the disclosure of information is not an increase or decrease in the company’s own interests in Shenzhen ho. Four, the changes in equity is based on the informatiolycom      Gubei international Fortune Center Room 602   Chinese in Sichuan Province, Chengdu City People’s Road four No. 19 Weston Federal Building room 1116About POLYCOM  contact P Service Apartment Wanchaiolycom  < br />+ Service Apartment Wanchai6-10-8588-4800  channel contact & nbsp; Polycom  is now only a to provide end to end voice, video, data and & nbsp; Web  rich media collaborative application, scope of ap Service Apartment Wanchaiplication from the desktop and personal mobile system to the conference room system to network center, rangingm 1116[announcement] seagull bathroom: about with a specific target signed conditional effect of stock option contract announcement time: November 11, 2014 20:01:59  Zhongcai networkSo G Service Apartment Wanchaiuangzhou seagull Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. about with a specific target signed condit Service Apartment Wanchaional effect of stock option contract announcement of the company and the board of directors will all members to ensure the disclosure of the contents of the information is true, ac Service Apartment Wanchaicurate and comon rhyme road Zhifu happiness address: Address: No. 205 Yantai road Zhifu happiness date signed Yantai District No. 205 financial advisers: two, one five June Sichuan D

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