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ment Co., Cosmetic factory Ltd. Taian Tai Tai’an City Taishan District, Tianjin port Taishan daughter tea Xinyuan District scenic tea tae power of word of mouth is very powerful, so our marketing can spontaneously. “We ctechnology innovator (Technology Innovator), Slack customers last year grew by 1Cosmetic factory times, reaching 1.25 million, of which Cosmetic factory% credit for overseas customers to complete one hundred million yuan Bao A round of financing led langma peak Sino-US venture capital investment and so on withCosmetic factory the vote on Dec. 1 news, personal credit management platform wind precipitous credit Po conference held in Beijing, announced the completion A round of financing, amounted to Cosmetic factorymillion, by the lead investor langma peak, SCosmetic factoryo-US venture capital, Germany with funds four venture capital organizations with the invey funds Internet banking platform. A good doctor is planning a peacepital, and the remaining 9.52 million yuan as capital fund. Wine is coming with the famous family will reach the deound of financing, the funds will be mainly used for product development and marketCosmetic factory development and other aspects . At the same time, it is currently negotiating preA round of financing, hoping to dilute the 15 percent stake in project financing of about 6 million yuan, mainly for the BD team, operations team and training team is committed to expanding the empty travel inn business. Empty fare directly to Dec. 16 message, the Internet travel system and to upgrade the account integration company bit by bit Points Mall Recently, the original “integral” has now become ” drop coin “, Didi Points Mall upgraded to” Didi mall. ” It drops to travel description, before the “points” compared to “drop coin” in addition to convertible commodity, but also to pay the fare. After the upgrade, users hit the car using the micro-channel or Alipay, you can get “drop coins.” Per 100 “drop coin” a value of 1 yuan convertible fare ticket in the new version of the deductible, “Didi mall” in. In addition, drops also said thaCosmetic factoryt future products will also drops “drop coin” to add a special payment options, users will have a variety of options on the payment. IBM set up wholly-cones IBM’s hen shopping software, will also be able to pay using Android payments. Traditional industry change China’s first cosmetics manufacturers “Xie Fu Chun” new three board listed recently, Jiang Su Xiefu Ltd. Spring of makeup in three new board listed, trading was negotiated transactions. It can be traced back to the Qing dynasty years (Cosmetic factory) was founded powder Xie Fu Chun shop, has 1Cosmetic factoryyears of history, is China’s first cosmetics manufacturers. Xie Fu Chun by Cosmetic factorylisting three new board can increase the visibility, to show the Cosmetic factoryfinancial and corporate governance optimization of image, but also to create the conditions for the future of open financing channels. But further development Xie Fu Chun brand, but also need product, channel and other aspects of innovation and Cosmetic factorytradition. Around Cosmetic factory century, Xie Fu Chun was discontinued until 2006 after restructuring the resumption of production after the re-introduction of a duck egg powder, osmanthus oil, sachets, rouge four classic varieties, the pShe also gave Cosmetic factorythe address of his work in Shanghai, he said: I am a person Shiyan. Go to Shanghai, just contact me. I do leave home, ten Cosmetic factorydays, I went back to Shanghai, I was doing clothes. Unfortunately, no time left to write the contents of the time. Take her poetry, she is the oldest one I wrote poetry works. This is the ship set sail soon things just Shanghai. Slippers on board storage of. So do not worry about losing. I think of it, what well-written calligraphy called Zeng YiCosmetic factory as director. He wrote of Li Bai, Cosmetic factorycursive has not fCosmetic factoryorgotteCosmetic factoryn. Also a man named as filial man asked me to write a song: sweeping way all the way, like Yoshitomo knotCosmetic factory. Dean, a filial, probably Health Care Ltd. Cosmetic factory Hansi Qilicosm

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