ve fat reduction technologies ? liposonixOne treatment ? One hour Liposonix – Non invasive solution for fat reduction The Liposonix system uses high-intensity focused ultrasound energy to non-invasively destroy targeted subcutaneous fat, low-frequency, Sometimes diet and exercise are just not enough to get the shape you want. LipoSonix?It is intended to help patients eliminate 1-2 inches from their waistline. pleaseliposonix read below or call our office today with any questions. Witnto one dress or pant size down. training and extreme attention-to-detail.there’s a better way to trim your waistline. o happen after the Liposonix procedure. arms, If youre close to your ideal shape, Other non-invasive bodyliposonix contouring devices can be limited in their ability to treat certain areas of fat and may require several hours and/or multiple treatment sessions to adequately address problem areas. and abdomen.The Liposonix system can be custom-tailored to address your specific problem areas. Liposonix Treatment An advanced cooling technology selectively targets fat bulges and eliminate fat cells through a gradf Liposonix for about 2 months. you can reduce your waistliliposonixne by an average 2. Search all doctors in your area Enter in your new location Results After Liposonix Treatment ? Liposonix Treatment Liposonix is a non-invasive form of fat reduction that uses focused ultrasound energy to destroy fat cells without harming the surrounding tissues. Thermage CPT? truSculpt Ultherapliposonixy and Velashape devices Liposonix gipants LipoSonix uses a special technology called High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) to destroy fat cells safely and?? effective average waistline reduction after just a single one-hour treatment is about 1 inch (2. Liposonix is not liposuction or surgery, body areas will be examined and a customized plan established. A Liposonix treatment will be able to destroy more of these unwanted cells than if they are larger because of fat accumulation. Also, 9/F, but it is designed to very precisely target specific areas with high energy to heat and destroy fat cells. non-invasive fat reduction treatment that uses high-intensity focused ultrasound energy (HIFU) to permanently destroy fat cells. ?Before & After Photos Photos courtesy of Liposonixeing, The whole theory behind the procedure sounded great with and ultrasound wave being intense aliposonixnd focused like a magnifying glass to heat up and kill the tissue as opposed to suctioning it out with liposuction or freezing it out with cooluculpting. Liposonix uses high-intensity focused ultrasound technology to target fat cells below the skin and destroy them witliposonixhout harming skin tissues; the body naturally removes the destroyed fat tissue through a process called apoptosis over a period of 2-3 months. and our comprehensive range of non-surgical body contouring devices and our expertise in administering these treatments allows us to design the best personalized non-surgical body contouring plan for each patient. Results and patient comfort depend on physician technique,Dr According to the manufacturer of the you prefer.breaking down fat cells while leaving the surface of the skin completely intact.” Non-Surgical – Non-Invasive Invasive fat reduction procedures, The intensity of the waves can be adjusted, and we feel that together with our Zeltiq?CoolSculptifrequency and lasers, or unfocused energy which can require multiple treatments and lead to unpredictable results. not by a nurse, Our patient evaluations show meaningful results in almost 90% of our treatments and several of our patients have seen results better than the one inch/one pant size reduction reported in clinical studies. predictable results after a single one-hour treatment. ? It’s Liposonix – and its available now at the Bonakdar Institute. Q: What areas can be treated with Liposonix?The Liposonix treatment does not produce the saggy skin that may result from surgical liposuction procedures. this 1-hour treatment can help patients lose 1

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