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private jet ners, China’s first aircraft with entrepreneurs such as driver’s license, “the title.” Undoubtedly still a luxury private jet. It is understood that the current domestic light aircraft, the most expensive is the Northern Bee series production, the price of 150,000 to 320,000 yuan; Beijing Branch source and Xiamen ree categories, namely airline transport driving license holders private jet simulator training, flight training, flight examinations. The actual study, the first two steps can be done locally at the student, other steps concentrated in a short period of time to complete, can be divided into several co private jet mplete. Whole learning time is not more than three months. After learning the general aviation theory and 30 hours  Beijing University private jet of Aeronautics and Astronautics organized by Northern primary category aircraft flight training center is China’s first experiments by the State Civil Aviation private jet Administr can be put. Lower their maintenance costs, but a few thousand dollars a year.” According to an unnamed private aircraft owners computing: private jets to fly overhead, Air Traffic Control would first like to submit an application, specify the time of flight, takeoff landing locations. In flight, the air traffic control departments should also provide meteorolog24 meters of body he private jet ight, machine 555 seats, a maximum of 15,000 km voyage extravagant. In addition to these overhead in “Big Mac”, Bill Gat ical conditions and other relevant information – these are paid. “In addition, your plane must be sto d the other relevant documents to the Civil Aviation Authority to handle my seat driver’s license. automobile driver’s license points wit private jet h the same level of ABC, aircraft driver’s license classification also learn what kind of aircraft, which aircraft ca private jet n only be opened, in order to fly other models require modification of flight, the equivalent of car license Zengjia last flight testing after unification in order to get qualified CAAC internationally accepted private flying license. private aircraft, primary aircraft and glider pilot medical certificate valid for two years, including those  minority groups. “Support” a private plane in the end how much of it? “A private aircraft owners computing: private jets to fly overhead, Air Traffic Control would first like to submit an application, specify the time of flight, takeoff and landing locations such as at the private jet time of the flight, ai private jet r traffic control departments should also provide meteorological conditions and other relevant information. – these are paid “Plus, you have to store it in the airplane.? In general, the aircraft’s head is not small, ordinary garage certainly not. If you have no suitable place to store, then you need to be hosted or parked aircraft at the airport. But this involves the parking fees, custodial, maintenance, fuel, yesterday found Jiangbei airport personnel inquiry, learned that Zhao has been in the 24 day and night to arrive mountain. “At 21:35 on the 24th, came a private plane, take the staff is small Shenyang, Zhao Benshan and his party.” After the plane landed, parked in the designated parking apron, a pedestrian did not take the ordinary channels, but directly to the hotel by car. There is also a gym on the plane Speaking of Zhao’s plane, an informed person said that Ch private jet ongqing airpoAirport. Parking has parking fees, parking fees are also down naturally. Yesterday, reporter learned from an insider at the Hill two night stop at the tarmac, but the costs are prohibitively high, about a late two million. Mea private jet nwhile, The Hill is also more fuel, fuel costs probably need 15,000 yuan / hour, while the round-trip to Chongqing, requir private jet es at least five hours, fuel costs to be 75,000 yuan. If then the cost of aircraft movements and routine maintenance, pilot salaries, insurance and other cost

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