Learn Chinese in Singapore

the public only want to view the station name to remember its color and number can be used. Singapore metro rail traffic mainly based. Light Rail Branch of the subway system, 28.8 km long route, with 43 (9 not already enabled) station. Today opened three routes (gray line) for Bukit Panjang, Sengkang and Punggol residents HDB district offers short-access services. Bus Route more than 310, a total of nearly 4,000 buses, one man operation, frequency of about 6-20 minutes trip. Bus services throughout the island, the island can even regularly relatively remote from Lim Chu Kang, big Ferdinand and various housing estates. Most buses are equipped with air-conditioning equipment, and provide trunk, branch, fast, the town associated services. Taxis Singapore local called “Texaco”, a total of six taxi companies, more than twenty thousand vehicles son. In addition bayan call, you can also make an appointment by phone or network car, metered fare. Railway Singapore Tanjong Pagar Railway Station has been migrated to the northern border in 2011, Singapore Woodlands train checkpoint, Learn Chinese in Singapore Cultural heritage Singapore uprooted to another home early settlers their traditional culture will be added into the new Singapore to cooperate with China to shoot the TV series “Journey to the East” Singapore to cooperate with China to shoot the TV series “Journey to the East” Singapore exchange and Learn Chinese in Singapore integration, among all races, not only created today’s multi-ethnic society, but also left a rich diverse culture. Chinese, spiritual heritage of hard work, diligence and hard work of the Learn Chinese in Singaporeentrepreneurial spirit. They live in peace with all people, and actively integrate feedback in the local community. The essence of Chinese culture has a profound impact on Singapore’s lifestyle. Fun and colorful as the Lunar New Year, the Chinese people have also access a variety of Chinese dialects, basically 35 years or older Chinese Singaporeans are proficient in several dialects, including Hokkien (Hokkien), Teochew, Cantonese words, Hakka, Hainanese Fuzhou dialect and so on. all from the new horse can train departure or arrival station in Woodlands train  Learn Chinese in Singapore checkpoint, where passengers have to buy a ticket and get on and off and immigration formalities. [11] Waterway Singapore is one of Asia’s major port and re-export hub for the world’s busiest, is the world Keppel harbor Keppel harbor Industry’s largest fuel supply port. Although Singapore has done much to forward the Speak Mandarin Campaign, but the government still retains dialect news that an audience is still far from the city channel, listen to the six kinds of dialects news broadcast, so that seniors do not understand Mandarin, able to grasp the national affairs or news, not out of line. [15] Text Singapore official use consistent with the Chinese mainland simplified Chinese characters. Learn Chinese in Singapore There are more than 200 routes connecting more than 600 ports in the world. [7] According to the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore released the latest statistics, as of the end of 2013, Singapore and Hong Kong container throughput is expected to reach 32.6 million TEUs, ranking second in the world. Singapore and Hong Kong docked vessels up to 2.33 billion tons gross tonnage, cargo throughput reached 557.5 million tons, 42.5 million tons of fuel sales. Learn Chinese in Singapore  Malaysia-based and history, “the Singapore Constitution” stipulates Malay Mandarin Singapore is mainly respected local Aboriginal language used. Due consideration internal and external factors, Singapore uses English as the primary language of the prevailing language and teaching, because Singapore’s multi-ethnic, linguistic hybrid, the four ethnic groups, nearly half do not have a language of his tribe to understand, select any family language as the primary language, will cause his family dissatisfaction. Although this is a colony of the English language, but a majority of ethnic people know, easier for people to accept all ethnic groups.



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