Learn Chinese in Singapore

Learn Chinese in Singapore Private car Singapore has more than 600,000 private cars [13]. In order to effectively suppress the growth of the number of private cars, private buyers bidding must first obtain a limited number of car ownership certificate, the price of a car ownership certificate has been equivalent to an ordinary price of imported cars, In order to reverse the use of different Chinese dialect native of habit, the government in 1979 to promote “Speak Mandarin Campaign”, the campaign launched over 30 years, Learn Chinese in Singapore currently many Chinese can speak Mandarin. Overseas, despite the language generally refers to the first language of Singapore is used to refer to ethnic native language or a second language.  private cars and the price is quite expensive. Not long ago, Speak Mandarin, is a blessing, do not lose,”. “Chinese COOL (cool)” substantial slogans, very striking The Singapore Government also requested JJ stars such as Chinese ambassador, Learn Chinese in Singapore with the “speak Chinese but also cool” slogan to attract young people to learn Chinese. Singapore television station also held a similar Chinese “Super Girl” talent show, albeit purely Chinese production , players also have to sing Chinese songs, but the show was in English as the official language of Singapore is extremely hot. This is a propaganda tool of the cultural sector in Singapore, it marks the determination of the Government of Singapore to promote the Chinese language. Singapore’s “founding father”, Lee Kuan Yew frequently on various occasions to encourage people to speak fluent Mandarin, Learn Chinese in Singapore and even says that after two generations, Mandarin will be called the mother tongue of the country. Singapore President SR Nathan is a former Indian tribe, but in spite of more than 80 years old, seriously learn from the Chinese. The Singapore Government has a special specification standard Mandarin Chinese Committee, put some vocabulary standardization, China and other parties concerned to support the efforts for a peaceful solution to the nuclear issue did. Learn Chinese in Singapore Air Singapore Changi Airport Singapore Changi Airport (13) Singapore has eight airports, including Singapore Changi Airport and Seletar Airport is an international airport for civil aviation, and the rest is used for military purposes. There are Singapore Airlines and its subsidiary SilkAir. Singapore Changi Airport for many years as one of the world’s best airports. Airlines currently has three buildings and two runways. As the world’s fifth busiest international airport, Changi Airport to about 60 countries and regions, more than 270 cities in more than 100 international airlines to provide services. Changi Airport passenger traffic in 2013 amounted to 5,370 million people, 1.85 million tons of cargo, an increase of 5 percent over the previous year. [14] [7] (Source: Singapore Department of Statistics [13], Trade and Industry) Telecommunications and Post Singapore’s telecommunications companies and then to 4G mobile communications services from GSM to wireless Internet access. Learn Chinese in Singapore published in Chinese newspapers, and using Pinyin phonetic characters. Earlier this year, the Singapore Ministry of Education announced the “mother-tongue education review report”, to encourage the learning and use of school life, including Chinese language, the Ministry of Education to adjust teaching methods, but also focus on ways to change the exam, focusing on students’ proficiency test, achieve “music school use.” When asked about the reasons for learning Chinese, Singaporean students answer is out of China’s first love, respect and admiration for Chinese culture, but more importantly for the future of the future consideration. Many students hope to go to China to do business, Learn Chinese in Singapore as well as the wanted diplomats, or to engage with China-related work, and so on. English is Singapore’s amage to the deterioration of the situation in the Asia-Pacific stability and threaten the safety of Singapore,



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