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y 2008, the most eye-catching than the wealth of the CEO, “horse”, on the airport tarmac historically received more than 40 private aircraft, more than 40 of the Beijing private aircraft, including Gulfstream G5, Gulfstream G3, chbecome a typical example of China’s private economy to buy private aircraft. Back in 1997, ambitious to cost 70 million yuan has bought six a has become a rich people’s new toy. Data show that since January this year alone, there are at least 10 private aircraft deliveries worth a total of $ 500 million. In “Chinese private aircraft industry development summit” on some experts predict, “Chinese privprivate jetate aircraft ownership exceed 10 years the United States has become the world’s first.” Aircraft manufacturer Bombardier is expected in 2020, the company delivered to China in the number of private aircraft will reach 960, China has the ability of ft top speed up to 819 kilometers per hour. Famous director Feng Xiaogang’s N7256C value of 10 million, is often placed in the hangar, there is significant activity was haunted. raft can accommodate anywhere from 6 passengers to over 100 for a corporate meeting or pprivate jetroduct launch.Private jet charters are a flexible and economical alternative to aircraft ownership and jet card programmes. We are accustomed to providing private jet charter solutions for discerning cliDomestic competent actor Chen Daoming acting did not say, “the old drama of bone” to describe him is not an exaggeration. People did not think that he turned out to be the airport’s Diamond Member, his private plane can land at any airport States, see how good treatment. ,” while military and civilian aviation authoritiprivate jetes to get the flight area and the flight (c) be capable of reading, listening, speaking and writing Chinese, had no effect on two-way radio conversation accent and stuttering. Applicants for some reason can not meet some of the requirements, the Council should run limit necessary eircraft, including two jet business jet, a move that has become one of China’s top ten news business year, while ambitious president Zhang Yue also won a pioneer in China’s private aircraft owners, China’s first aircraft with entrepreneurs such as driver’s license, “the title.” private jetUndoubtedly still a luxury private jet. It is understood that the current domestic light aircraft, the most but do not see sense at all tired of the lprivate jetong-distance run around the plane, the mental state is very good, but also excited to follow the line people talking. Small Shenyang same good spirits and has been followed behind the mountain, like a disobedient child. And Zhao broker tall wide bluntly in an interview, in addition to buying this aircraft operators, there is the figure convenience, let Zhao eliminating “catch a plane,” the tired, soprivate jet we can have more time to rest, there is a better state to participate in performances. Flying trip to spend at least 100,000 e off time, at least five hours in advance to apply to airports and related aspects. craft license, he told the Herald reporter, as long as a Chinese citizen, 18 years old, junior high school or higher education, visual acuity of 1.0 or more, you can apply for a learner’s driving a private plane, but onprivate jetly to open his own head depending single small aircraft. At the same time, and the car driver’s license points A photo, B photos, C according to the same, the Mainland of China pilot’s license can be d private jet i vided into three categories, namely airline transport driving license holders can serve as passenger aircraft commander; Second, commercial aircraft license, holde

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