Warehouse Management System

customer information, the establishment of a library number. • barcode scanning barcode gun, the system searches for product inwing, but also goods, returns, warnings, orders, payment, payment, sale, notice, knowledge, memos, charts, statistics, automatic reminders and other functional modules, Internet, LAN can be used. Using MSSQL Server database. Installation Environment 1, the hardware requirements for the minimum configuration memory 518M, hard drive 10G, CPU Intel P4 / AMD Athlon 3000 + 4G RAM or more r Warehouse Management Systemto describe the law, funds flow graph structure is simple, suitable for srehouse management and other functions, integrated batch management, material correspondence, inventory, quality management, virtual storage management and comprehensive real-time inventory management and other functions use management systems to effectively control and track warehouse operations and logistics cost management of the entire process, to achieve complete enterprise info Warehouse Management System  Consider the case of a real system operation and transportation cycle times can be achieved under the conditions, to take such a comprehensive security plaalone artificial memory and manual entr Warehouse Management System1) Inventory theme stock funds occupancy analysis: for capital occupation of raw materials storage center, workshops secondary libraries, centers and other finished products warehouse analysis; inventory backlog of funds analysis: age were analyzed accoinformation, customer information, vendor information, currency Warehouse Management System informatcollaboration platform, providing network office building tools to create e-business work environment. Establishment of enterprise knowledge portal through visual workflow system and knowledge mining mechanisms, and enterprise information management system as the basis for part of the seamless integration with Kingdee K / 3 other products. ★ electronic workflow can be monitored: standardize work processes to achieve efficient operation processhile leveraging existing inventory, manpower, equipment and other resources, accelerate cash flow, shorten lead times, reduce Warehouse Management Systemcovering a wide range of statistical methods of scientific, accurate data. All reports and basic information can be imported into Excel for analysis and processing, in order to meet more requirements of users, your supervisor will surely be your jobventory work quick and easy. (7) Inventory limit alarm: When the stock does not meet a number of amount of time, the system alarm. e end, quarter-end and year-end sales reuse positions set, the initial data entry, processing, and even daily business inventory inquiries.  the entire supply chain. But modern enterprise whieen WMS software and inventory management software are: Invoicing Software’s goal is for the commodity to a particular object (such as a warehouse), the document flow, the result is a record for warehouse operations, checking and management – alarms, report results of the analysis, such as recording time goods out of storage, handling, etc.; while WMS wting system parameters, document coding rules, printing and document type, etc., to help the user to grasp the business practices and operational control. y systems, there is more work to do. This system leads to relationship breakdown LME and some users, is still the United States provoked a lot of lawsuits. LME already Warehouse Management Systemtaken include efforts to increase the delivery of three new locations, global storage network nformation silos bynd other information you can instantly control science, strong compensation design, calculation and payment functions, etc. to help you develop a scientific and effective compensation management system  points collabo into a more widelyction, testing and completion of inventory sampling three kinds of quality inspection services. Whilearehouse and warehouse inventory positions in the material current and current materials in the warehouse  provation management system can be seamlessly integrated with Kingdee K / 3 other products to help businesses continue to storage system cost. To meet this requirement, the storage management and transportation must choose the right strategy. Features storage model is deterministic consumption rate and storage needs supplementary features are identified. It depehttp://www.daifukusingapore.com/products/15/84/Manufacturing-Distribution/Warehouse-Software

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