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ral Wuxue. Small Weiping learn science, math, English, music, art, Chinese lessons in Singapore, where Chinese only comment was C. Chinese lessons behind ning and eating habion to an environment like Singapore, but also coincidentally adoption of Chinese boys and actively learning Chinese culture has been living in Singapore for 13 years in JoLearn Mandarin in Singaporeaudience from different groups, different ages. In addition, the crew also held a well-planned “flash mob”, the actors dressed in costumes, in the South Campus Center Commission and white seems to want to have a breakthrough this year’s show, be sure to “professional” together. “Our students have a common problem that is relatively superficial understanding of the theater, the stage is often messy, lively but insufficient depth.” Bai Shuo Yang said,  Yuk Nanyang Academy of Arts as a guide. In addition to specialized training methods, the choice of this play is also more consideration from a professional point of view. In previous years, the students start tid, “We conducted a re-creation, increasing the ‘drama drama’ form, and the first two acts inject comedy elements, so that the plot more appealing to the audience.” hosun Ilbo” resident American correspondent in Korea last week entitled “American Chinese wind blowing,” the article, verbal disclosure of Chinese Americans disdain in action again in bitter cs a joke, who speaks three languages ​​is trilingual, speaking two languages ​​is bilingual, speak only one language is “American”. o Singapore reported that Chinese lesson is not necessarily limited to speaking and writing, you can also use Chinese to develop students’ thinking skills. This not only allows students to learn how to deal with life’s problems, but also to enhance their writing logic. Learn Mandarin in Singapore Wise secondary school in Singapore and fast on the use of the Chinese language, the students’ critical thinking ass and help. their Chinese writing. “Singapore Ministry of Education “better learning Show” today on the 11th and the 12th at Suntec City Hall 401 and 402 hold time from 10am to 6pm. Events openAccording to reports, the three stages of credits in Singapore, namely a junior, sophomore, junior third and fourth grade, high school, sophomore. “Our course involves four areas: bicultural curriculum, mathematics and science courses, humanities courses aesthetics, thinking and learning course” Singapore Dunman Secondarhigh school actually opened specifically for indigenous children in Singapore “in the English translation course”, the future direction of these children is the famous urses and impressive in Nanyang University Confucius Institute. In Singapore, supermarkets, street vendors, shopping center, bus or some government institutions everywhere a picture placard in English and reads: “! Speak Mandarin, is a blessing, do not lose,” “Chinese COOL (cool ) “substantial slogans, very striking. Singapore government also invited stars such as JJ Chinese ambassador, with the “too cool to speak Chinese” slogan to attract young people to learn Chinese. Not long ag Learn Mandarin in Singaporeof foreign language (et the actual communication skills, improve motivation.”Singapore local mainstream schools have plug-speak Mandarin Speaking of the project, Zhang Yuehua think it can test the student’s ability to express, but there are limitations. She suggested that local oral reference to OPI, so that each student’s exam questions are different, bu Learn Mandarin in SingaporeFor example, “Thank you,” the word, the child will say, the high frequency of use, but shaped complex structure, they do not have to be hard to write in the beginning evelopment will be beneficial, especially in terms of communication. Learn Mandarin in Singapore In terms of Chinese speech contest, the theme is “how to carry forward the traditional culture of e Learn Mandarin in Singaporete computer creative Chinese Writing Competition” This three matches by the Singapore Learn Mandarin in Singapore Chinese School Teachers’ Association, Lianhe Zaobao “comma” and infotainment website omy.sg joint hosting. http://beijingchinese.com.sg/

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